Letter to Management Committee chair 3-21-2011

Mr. Reeder:

On October 6, 2010, you received an inquiry from a resident regarding structures being constructed in another resident’s yard.  You responded that the structures were landscaping and were not subject to improvement requests.  You did not respond directly to the resident’s inquiry and when that resident followed up on your response, you responded with inappropriate rudeness stating, “stop bothering me.”  You then stated that your refusal to investigate the matter was based on your own personal agenda and you ignored subsequent communication from the resident.  A diligent examination of the rules and regulations has revealed that the landscaping exception you asserted was not present and that numerous references in the rules and regulations indicate that permission was required prior to construction of the structures in question.  Furthermore, it is clear that said structures do not comply with the rules and regulations.  You disrupted the process of enforcement of the rules and regulations by misrepresenting the rules to the management company and to the Board and your actions were taken on your own initiative, without consulting the Management Committee. Your actions have placed the Board in the position of either condoning an act of clear discrimination or overriding a decision which you have stated was based on your own personal bias.

Subsequent to the above actions, you have further obfuscated the matter by making the unfounded assertion that a call placed to the City of Boulder Building Department regarding the aforementioned structures resulted in a change in the City’s policy regarding building permits within the Park.  You have further asserted that the undocumented change in City policy has rendered the Management Committee obsolete.  This assertion ignores the fact that City approval of improvements does not insure compliance with Park rules and is based on the incorrect assertion that building permits were previously not required for construction projects in the Park.  In addition, your assertion that the Management Committee is no longer necessary ignores the other duties of the Management Committee which are designated in the by-laws.  During your tenure as Management Committee Chair you have made no effort to bring the Management Committee to fruition as a functioning body which fulfills the duties assigned to it in the by-laws and is able to respond to resident concerns.  It appears that your current efforts to disband the Management Committee are intended to relieve you of responsibilities which you were never willing to take on while saving yourself the embarrassment of resigning by shifting the blame to someone else.  Because your efforts are based on false conclusions and ignored facts, they are disruptive to the operation of the MHA.  Therefore, I ask that you resign your position on the Board immediately or face censure by the board for your  behavior.

Mark, we as the board acknowledge all the service in the founding of the MHA, however  your resignation is requested.

Kurt Bischoff
MHA President