Mapleton Home Association Management Committee Summary OCT 2004

Attendance:  Kathryn Alexander, Jonathan Machen, Mark Reeder, Jim Harrington, Gene Langlois, Kabir, Lori Anderegg, Tammy Lynn, Aaron Mirapol
Corrected and approved 9-27-04 Minutes.

Kathryn relayed information regarding fencing homes of evicted residents that had been acquired from the management at her mobile home park.

Information and decisions regarding resident permission requests will be relayed by Jonathan to Loretta to Julie to disperse back to the resident.  Jonathon will speak with Loretta to request that resident permission requests be given directly to Jonathon rather than to Jim at Thistle.  A diagram of the whole permission request process will be drawn up.

The MHA Management Committee, the City, Hast, Thistle and the MHA Finance Committee will all be attending the fourth Monday of the month meeting beginning later this month.  Many thanks to Whole Foods who will be providing food.

The next Mobilizer will contain information for residents on how to request permission as well as what permission needs to be requested for.

Jonathan will also include an article that will relate to residents the importance of paying their rent and how the burden incurred with the sale of the park is our burden and our responsibility.  A balance sheet will be included once a year for residents to see our financial situation.

The contract to purchase the park will be extended until December with the understanding that the closing will occur after the November 9, 2004 City Council Meeting.  Mapleton resident attendance at the meeting is appreciated.

There are two current possibilities as far as how to finance the purchase of the park.  The current TCH guidance line of credit or bank qualified tax-exempt bonds.  The bonds are more long-term with lower interest rates than the guidance line.
Thistle has received word in writing from the Boulder Housing Authority that they have the dollars needed for the purchase of the park. The Housing Authority will want to do an in-depth review of our financials before making a final decision.  Thistle should know within the next two weeks which of the Housing Authority’s two remaining board meetings we can attend.  While it is beneficial to receive these bonds it does add one more entity with expectations and requirements to the purchase of the park.

Respectively submitted,

Lori Anderegg