September 2009 BOD minutes

MHA monthly Board meeting:  September 28, 2009

Location:  Hast & Co.

Present:  Clare Gleason, Hast & Co.;  Jane Seaton, Site Committee Chair;  Robert Power, Management Committee Chair, Paul Keaton, Secretary.

The Site Committee chair was acting chair for this meeting, the Secretary took the minutes.


Call to Order

Re August 4 and 8/31 Board Meeting Minutes (3 min.)

Management Committee Report & Homeowner Communication (10 min.)

Site Committee Report (10 min.)

Management Report from Hast & Co. (10 min.)

Thistle Update (10 min)

Old Business

(Parking issue and recusal issue are pending till elections on 11/1/09)

Elevations Bank Account: close account?

New Business

Questions from Site Committee:

· Re: trees growing too close to trailers: prepare legal disclaimer form to prevent residents from holding the MHA responsible for trailer damage should they refuse to have the tree(s) removed?


· Re: having an MHA lawyer look into the legal and liability aspects of creating a children’s playground in the park.


· One resident has asked that we purchase an industrial size wood chipper. Initial report on Site Committee research related to this issue.

Set the date of the next meeting (2 min.)


6:37 meeting called to order.

Approval of minutes: no minutes provided.

Management Committee report:

Improvement requests:

A fence was approved or #179

A sidewalk and stairs was approved for #144, the patio request was not approved.

Approval was given retroactively to #41 for landscaping they did in the common area

across the road from their lot.  The request did not specify that they intended to

do more work on the area but they did more landscaping on the common area on

the 26th and 27th of September.  There was a strong objection raised by a neighbor who

disapproved of the removal of the natural landscaping and of the use of the herbicide


The property manager reported that she had issued a reimbursement to the residents in

#41 for expenses incurred in the landscaping of the common area.  The reimbursement

was made without consulting the Board and the Board were not informed until the time

of this meeting.

#144 requested reimbursement for a concrete walkway but the cost was unknown so the

request was tabled until expenses are known.

A request was approved for #53 to put an arch over their gate.

Site committee report:


SITE COMMITTEE MEETING September 25th, 2009





In attendance: Edward, Enzo, Habiba, Jane, Jyoti, Krista, Pamela


Introducing/re-introducing ourselves:

Why are we each here?

What do we want to accomplish together?


Note taker (2)

Jane asked someone on the committee to take on writing notes during meetings and creating resulting minutes. As no one volunteered to do so, this issue is pending for the time being.

Length of meeting (1)

All agreed on 90 minutes.

Next meeting date (2)

We decided unanimously that Friday evenings are not an optimal time of the week to hold our meetings, and that starting at 6.30 is also rather late.

We have therefore moved our regular meeting time to 6pm on the third Monday of each month.
Next meetings will be held on October 19th and November 16th. The December meeting date will be decided nearer the time because of the holidays.

Location of next meeting (2)

Jyoti’s home, trailer #9.

Making a timeline? (3)

We have begun a large chart so that we have a visual to refer to our projects, with time frames and who taking on what. Pamela recorded items on the chart as we proceeded.

Jane’s news and reports (5)

Walk-through on 9/15

Trees out Monday 9/28: #’s 5, 48, 49,50, 68, 69, opposite 84/85

Discussion of how this has been organized at short notice, if and how residents have been appropriately notified. Discussion about the fact that more clarification is neededabout who is responsible for what.

Ongoing Site Committee Business:

a) Any update on landscaping communal entrance areas? (5)

(Not discussed at this meeting.)

b) Next steps re larger communal areas, before Fall QM on November 1st (5)

We decided to postpone asking for next layers of decision about this issue (i.e. where and specifically what) from the Fall Quarterly Meeting on November 1st to the following Quarterly on January 24th.

c) Playground, ditto by November 1st (5)

Discussion led to decision to ask for “passionate parents” to spearhead further research about this possibility through the next edition of the Mobilizer. Pamela writing this; deadline 10/2.

This discussion included recognition that:

· We will need clear approval from park residents before proceeding with any aspect of this project, beyond research.

· Jane will discuss the related liability issues with the MHA board, and propose that we have one of our lawyers look into it.

d) Signage: Who how what and when (5)

Pamela has agreed to research aspects such as materials, wording, and design for the signs to be placed at the five Park entrances. She will report on her findings to the Committee next February, with our collective intent to then make and place them in the spring.

e) Wash-house: next spring? (3)

(Not discussed at this meeting.)

f) Trees project – where are we at with the overall process? (30)

· Mapping which trees need removal in next 5 years.

· Juliette was unable to attend meeting due to a personal emergency, so no report on progress with this.

· Nursery research; prices & availability of recommended trees.

· Jyoti said she called Creekside Nursery, found out what trees they currently have available at end of season prices. Their price did not seem particularly compelling. Also brought information about an end of season tree sale in Longmont. We decided to go with original plan not to rush into planting before the spring.

· Creating handout with photos of tree options, for individual residents.

· Jyoti is making a poster to show residents, and agrees to have it finished very soon (specific date named?)

· Contacting individual residents who will/may lose a tree next year, w/ handout

· Preparing for tree planting early next spring (equipment, volunteers)

· Preparing Tree Project budget for next five years, board discussion and approval

· Ordering trees in early spring (maybe as soon as January)

· Keeping residents informed of project progress (ongoing).

· Jane to write an update about the trees for the next Mobilizer, deadline next Friday 10/2.


Discussions throughout this meeting wove in and out of issues about the trees:

· Edward has agreed to be “Chief of Firewood and Lumber,” using his specialist saw to create lumber.

· Edward and Enzo will walk the park on Saturday to determine if any of the wood from the trees that will be taken down on Monday will be worth storing, for use as either firewood or making into park benches, etc.

· Question was raised about where this wood can be stored. No definitive answer found yet. (Jane will bring this issue to the Board on Monday 9/28)

· Jane will propose at the 9/28 MHA Board meeting that we have one of the park’s lawyers draw up a disclaimer form re residents who may opt not to remove trees that are growing too close to trailers. This to prevent any such resident from later suing the MHA for damage sustained to their trailer eg by roots systems or trees trunks or limbs pushing against trailer walls.

· Edward offers to consult with a longstanding friend, a city arborist, re tree issues, on ongoing basis. Jane forwarding existing files of previous Site research about tree removal and replacement to Edward and Krista, so they are current with Committee work since April ’09.

Closing discussion:

Habiba stated that she is aware that Site Committee is undertaking a great deal, in general, and especially re the trees, which is an enormous project in itself.

Others shared similar perspectives, including recognition that we need more committee members, to enable the formation of further subcommittees that can undertake research and implementation of individual projects.

Jane shared that she seeks to delegate more of the ongoing, hands-on unfolding of the trees project to either one or two committee members. Jyoti says she will think about whether she wants to take this on. Enzo said he would be willing to work with Jyoti on that, if she decides to do so.

Property manager’s report:

#174 has been found to not be owner-occupied.  Clare will look for the letter sent out by

Sandy to deal with previous violations of the owner occupancy rule.

One lot is now without a lease after the death of the owner.  The new owner has a dog but has

not submitted documentation for a companion animal so no lease has been oferred.

Resident manager’s report:  Not provided

Correction:  #75 reported a problem with the electrical hookup.  Southpaw has fixed it

and has been vague about what they did.

Compostable bins are available at $41 for the first bin and $35 for each additional bin.

Main Motion:

Site committee chair:  I move that we get two compostable bins for six months to be placed at the north  end dumpster area and the main area by the wash house.


Two in favor, Secretary opposed, motion passed.

A new lease has been signed for lot #43.

Main Motion:

Site committee chair:  I move that we buy a tractor with a cart and plow attachment for a cost of $3500.


Two in favor, Secretary opposed, motion passed.

Old business:

Parking issue  and recusal statement to be dealt with after the elections in November.

Elevations Bank account:

Secretary to become signatory on account and complete the removal of the previous signatory.

New business:

Research into a resident’s request for industrial wood chipper indicates that they cost $7000 and renting one as needed would be more cost effective.

Next meeting set October 26 6:30 at Hast&Co.

Meeting adjourned at 8:22