Management Committee Meeting Minutes Summary JULY 2003

for 28 July, 2003 at 3:10 pm
Held at Thistle Community Housing, 1845 Folsom Street

Attendance Alex Wilson, Kathryn Alexander, Gene Langlois, Roger Lewis,

Minutes for 14 July were approved.

To do: Kathryn is to send out a list of tasks the Management Committee needs t complete for the Management Plan.

Celebrating Alex’s 74th birthday
Icecream was enjoyed by all. Alex received a coffee mug as a gift from MHA.

The tape recorder could not be found due to Jim’s absence, so Kathryn took notes.

TCH Report
1. TCH will continue the contract and Affordability negotiating without MHA being at the table. Updates will be given at the MHA Business meeting and Paul will continue to work with Etta on Affordability issues. TCH is comfortable with handling 40% of ami over time.
2. The city has given TCH the lead in affordability.
3. TCH is hoping that Mapleton spacing needs for the future will be handled through a Special Ordinance approve by City Council. This would solve all the issues at once. Barring that the City has agreed to pay for an administrative Site Review – this may take longer and may not give us all we want. Either one is needed to get permission to do the infrastructure (Tech. Doc Review)
4. The city is comfortable with the residents ability to manage the park because of the work the Management Committee has done in the past.
5. Roger will be on vacation for two weeks

Gene Langlois brought to the committees attention the need for a proactive on site manager. This brings up the relationship of the Management Committee to Hast and their staff. This needs to be clarified.

It was also suggested that the Management Committee might like to develop a Mission and vision statement.

New Members
Due to Deb Feustel’s resignation as committee chair, the Management Committee is in need of new members. A list was drawn up and Alex and Gene committed to talking to 2-3 possible candidates before the next meeting.

New Member List:
1. Steve Cohne – Alex to talk to
2. Jakob Milstein
3. Tad Hanna – Alex to talk to
4. Dave Anders
5. Jody Ransom – Gene to talk to
8. Ellen Brown
9. Uwe Stephanow
10. Werner Stephanow
11. Carol and Dan Tebo – Gene to talk to

Prospective members need to submit a short letter describing their reasons for wanting to be on the Management Committee and the skills they would bring. They will then be allowed to attend a meeting and their name will be submitted to the Steering Committee for approval.

A change in the meeting time was also discussed. The best time, other than Monday seems to be Thursday evenings. The 2dn and 4th Thursdays were chosen from 7-9.

The next meeting is to be on Aug 14, 7-9 at Alex’s house #58

Respectfully Submitted,
Kathryn Alexander