June 10 2018 Resident Meeting


Resident Meeting: Quarterly

The purpose of resident meeting minutes is:

  • When the meeting is educational, to inform residents who didn’t attend of what took place.
  • To be a permanent record of actions, key statements, and decisions; but not a transcript, and not name residents or their lot numbers.

 Minutes        v2

June 10, 2018, 5 P.M.

Unity Church, Boulder, Colorado



  • Present: Isabel Sanchez, President; Scott Goddard, Vice President; Sunny Shaughnessy, Management Committee Chair; Melissa Swedlund, Treasurer; Race Cowgill, Zenith Management Consulting, Consultant; Kathy Lange, CPM.
  • Absent: none
  • Vacant position: Curtine Metcalf resigned effective noon of 6/10/18
  • Also attending: Jessica Miller, MHA attorney


  • 24 other residents were in attendance at the meeting, not including those named above


Meeting started at 5:09 PM

  • The Vice President started the meeting.


Management Committee announcements, by Sunny

  • The BBQ was a success, we will try to have another in the fall
  • We have planted 13 trees. Mostly done with cutting down trees.


Financial report, by Melissa

  • All financials will now be available on new web portal.
  • We are doing fine, financially.


Web portal information, by Kathy

  • All residents will be getting an email over the next few days about the new web portal. Keep the email because it has information about how to log in.
  • This news system will make payments more secure, and less liability for CPM.
  • Residents can use the new portal or not, as they wish. Payments can still be made by dropping payments in the wash house slot, if anyone desires.



  • A resident read out loud a letter from a resident who could not attend, stating the absent resident felt the new bylaws meet the needs of residents and have been written with input from the community; and recommended that residents approve them.
  • Jessica noted that the draft before the meeting incorporates homeowner input as much as possible, and that not every request could be incorporated because not everyone agreed, and to keep the new bylaws practical and sensible.
  • A resident asked why the current bylaws couldn’t simply be amended in places, and Jessica noted that this wasn’t possible because there were too many changes that needed to be made and it was more difficult to keep the document consistent that way.
  • A resident asked what is wrong with the current bylaws, and Jessica noted that they create too much liability for the MHA, and are too difficult to use in various ways. They need to be changed.
  • A resident commented that the Bylaws Advisory Group produced a good draft that was never voted on, and that the proposed draft is too difficult to understand. Another resident said they strongly disagreed with this opinion, and indicated that they feel the draft represents residents’ needs and is a good outcome.
  • Various residents had various questions and ideas, and Jessica answered the questions and suggestions. The Board mentioned that not everyone feels that each suggestion is desirable.
  • Ballots were handed out, filled in, and counted.
  • There were 23 homeowners present at the time of voting.
  • The draft bylaws passed by a vote of 17-6.
  • There will be final vote in September.


Board Elections, by Sunny

  • Pre-announced candidates:
    • Management committee chair: Sunny Shaughnessy
    • Vice President: Scott Goddard
    • Treasurer: Melissa Swedlund
    • Secretary: Mark Reeder
  • There were no nominations from the floor for any positions.
  • All pre-announced candidates were approved without a vote.



Meeting ended at 5:58 PM



Note: In months when the MHA newsletter is published, all BOD minutes (BOD and resident meetings) are sent out with the BOD newsletter, to all residents. Otherwise, the minutes are either sent on their own, without a newsletter, or sent with the subsequent newsletter and minutes. Newsletters and minutes are published in both English and Spanish.