April 23 2018 Board Meeting


Board of Directors

 Meeting Minutes v1

 Board meeting

April 23, 2018, 6:30 P.M.

Unity Church, Boulder, Colorado


Session times

  • Open session: 6:38 – 7:32 P.M.
  • Executive session: 7:32 – end of the meeting.; Confidential resident information, Board discipline



  • Present in person: Isabel Sanchez, President; Scott Goddard, Vice President; Curtine Metcalf, Secretary; Sunny Shaughnessy, Management Committee Chair; Melissa Swedlund, Treasurer; Kathy Lange, CPM; Race Cowgill, Zenith Management Consulting and MHA Board Administrator; Marguerite Ryback Thistle Communities
  • Present by phone: none
  • Absent: none
  • Vacant positions: none
  • Also present: MHA residents: Robin Collins, Enzo


Electronic votes before the meeting


  • 3/30/18 The Board reaffirmed approval of letter to [resident] regarding complaint about {resident] and current grievance policy, and change to letter.
  • 3/31/18 The Board approved open and executive session minutes for 3/26
  • 4/9/18 The Board approved the newsletter
  • 4/10/18 The Board approved the notice to residents about resident meeting


Resident forum

  • A resident asked the Board to ask residents to keep dumpsters closed. The Board replied that this has been tried in the past, but not all residents are tall or strong enough to close the lids.
  • A resident expressed they feel residents are concerned about moving around the toys in the common areas.
  • A resident expressed that the toys in the common areas don’t look good, and some older residents want a place to go without toys.


Financial report

  • Assets, total $828,581
  • Ordinary income and expenses
  • Income, ordinary $54,345 (mostly rents)
  • Income transferred to reserves $26,666
  • Expenses, ordinary $49,280 (including transfer to reserves)
  • Net, ordinary $5,065
  • Capital income and expenses
  • Income, capital $26,666 (transfer from ordinary income)
  • Expenses, capital $0
  • Mortgage interest payment $19,147
  • Net, capital $7,250
  • Net, Total (net ord. + net cap.) $12,858



  • 6/10 Elections and bylaws vote
  • No BOD meeting in May


Translations of newsletters, minutes

  • Keep doing Google for now


Executive session

  • Confidential resident information, Board discipline


Meeting ended at 9:58 PM


Note: In months when the MHA newsletter is published, all BOD minutes (BOD and resident meetings) are sent out with the BOD newsletter, to all residents. Otherwise, the minutes are either sent on their own, without a newsletter, or sent with the subsequent newsletter and minutes. Newsletters and minutes are published in both English and Spanish.