April 22 2018 Resident Meeting


Resident Meeting

 The purpose of resident meeting minutes is:

  • When the meeting is educational, to inform residents who didn’t attend of what took place.
  • To be a permanent record of actions, key statements, and decisions; but not a transcript, and not name residents or their lot numbers.

 Minutes        v1

 April 22, 2018, 5 P.M.

Unity Church, Boulder, Colorado



  • Present: Scott Goddard, Vice President; Curtine Metcalf, Secretary; Sunny Shaughnessy, Management Committee Chair; Melissa Swedlund, Treasurer; Race Cowgill, Zenith Management Consulting, Consultant; Kathy Lange, CPM.
  • Absent: Isabel Sanchez, President
  • Vacant position: none
  • Also attending: Jessica Miller, MHA attorney


  • Ten other residents were in attendance at the meeting, not including those named above


Meeting started at 5:05 PM

  • The Management committee chair started the meeting


Management Committee report

  • There will be a BBQ on 5/6.
  • Tree planting will happen later this year. Let CPM if you want a tree, you can pick what you want, mostly. They are free.
  • Spring clean up will be in mid May. There will be two dumpsters a either end of the park, two dumps each. Call CPM if you need help.


Finances, by Melissa

  • Past month income was about $54,000, expenses were about $49,000, equity was about $832,000, transfered about $27,000 into savings.
  • A resident wanted to know how much the MHA owes on the property. [A later reply from the MHA accountant noted that Thistle owns the land; the mortgage on the property, and its remaining balance, are on Thistle’s books, not the MHA’s books.]
  • A resident wanted to know if value of the wash house is included on the MHA books; the Board said it would try to find out.


NextDoor, by Scott

  • Scott explained that he is trying to set up a “NextDoor neighborhood” for the MHA.
  • He indicated that this is an online group you then join that is just the MHA residents, where any resident can post and answer posts, about anything — items for sale, suspcicious activity, tools swap, help needed, etc.


Bylaws discussion, by Jessica

  • Jessica commented that the purpose of this discussion is to get input from homeowners on the draft of the bylaws. We have gone through a few revision of the bylaws, and we haven’t incorporated all the changes yet, because we need to cover a few key issues.


Key issue: how Rules and regs are revised.

  • Meeting participants noted that currently, rules and regs are changed by a vote of the Board, and noted that they want more resident input in the process.
  • Some attendees felt the appeals panel, when residents challenge a rule change approved by the Board, seems cumbersome and not involving enough of MHA residents.
  • Jessica noted that creating rules is not the same as approving them, which is not the same as enforcing them. There are different processes.
  • Attendees discussed other ways to create and approve rules changes. Some proposed that rules be created by residents, others proposed that the Board create the rules and residents vote to approve them. Some noted the difficulty of having more than a few residents come to meetings to vote on rules changes.
  • The discussion came to settle on the idea of the Board get input on rules changes (questionaire, at a meeting, etc.), then write the rule, then the rule goes into effect unless it is vetoed by a majority of residents (either through ballot or at a meeting, etc., as needed).
  • Jessica will write a final version of the provision so that it reflects these views.


Key issue: how bylaws are revised.

  • A similar discussion took place as for the rules revisions.
  • Jessica and others noted that some bylaws changes may need to happen quickly, such as changed needed to make the bylaws compliant with the law.
  • Several attendees noted the value of having the attorney qualify bylaws changes so that they comply with the law.
  • Several proposed the idea that in addition to the Board offering bylaws changes, that residents be able to request them, too, such as by bringing a petition forward.
  • The discussion settled on the idea that the Board, with the assistance of the attorney, be able to make bylaws changes on its own when dealing with legal compliance, violations of land lease or lot lease, inconsistency, and typographical errors. And that residents would need to approve other changes to the bylaws, by a quorum of 25% and 2/3 majority vote; if quorum isn’t reached in two meetings so that a vote can be taken, the changes would go into effect anyway.
  • Jessica will write a final version of the provision so that it reflects these views.


Meeting ended at 7:15 PM



Note: In months when the MHA newsletter is published, all BOD minutes (BOD and resident meetings) are sent out with the BOD newsletter, to all residents. Otherwise, the minutes are either sent on their own, without a newsletter, or sent with the subsequent newsletter and minutes. Newsletters and minutes are published in both English and Spanish.