February 26 2018 Board Meeting


Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes v1

Board meeting

February 26, 2018, 6:30 P.M.

Unity Church, Boulder, Colorado

Session times

  • Open session: 6:35 – 6:40 P.M.
  • Executive session: 6:40 – end of the meeting.; Confidential resident information, contractor and Board performance.


  • Present in person: Isabel Sanchez, President; Scott Goddard, Vice President; Sunny Shaughnessy, Management Committee Chair; Curtine Metcalf, Secretary; Melissa Swedlund, Treasurer; Kathy Lange, CPM; Race Cowgill, Zenith Management Consulting and MHA Board Administrator
  • Present by phone: none
  • Absent: Marguerite Ryback Thistle Communities
  • Vacant positions: none
  • Also present: MHA residents: none

Electronic votes before the meeting


  • 1/23/18 The Board approved a letter to [lot number] about needing to [take specific property action].
  • 1/29/18 The Board did not approve regular minutes — there was no call for approval and no one gave approval.
  • 1/31/18 Status of executive session minutes. Race submitted, one Board member objected to some items. Race made edits. No further action was taken.
  • 2/2/18 The Board approved the newsletter.
  • 2/4/18 Isabel called all Board members to approve her signing on 2/4 of the 990 e-filing, which she had previously signed and was previously approved by all BOD members on 1/22. A Board member replied, no others did.
  • 2/10/18 The Board gave Sunny permission to talk to Spanish households, to determine which, if any, didn’t have an English speaker within, to determine if translation of newsletter (and other docs) was needed.
  • 2/17/18 The Board approved a second time the newsletter.

Resident forum

  • No residents present


  • The minutes for 1/22 BOD meeting had not been approved. The Board’s policy is to try to approve minutes within two weeks after a Board meeting, but there wasn’t sufficient follow-up to approve the minutes from 1/22.
  • Curtine noted that doing the minutes is the job of the secretary, and she wants to continue to do them.


Past month

  • Income: $55,000
  • Expenses: $46,000
  • Net: $3,500
  • Reserves: $270,000
  • Equity: $800,000

Rent variances

  • Due to the last 3% rent increase calculation at first being rounded off but then being corrected (to be the exact amount), some members are paying a few cents more or less than they actually owe every month.
  • CPM issued letters several months ago advising affected members of this, and how to correct the problem, but it continues.
  • CPM will try to send letters again.

Property issues

  • Irrigation upgrade. The Board approved $4375 to upgrade the irrigation at the boat swings.
  • Changes in snow plowing are working better.
  • Tree pruning has started and will continue in better weather.
  • Asphalt repair. Two bids have been received, CPM is waiting for a third. The options for repair are to patch (this option was rejected), to shave off the old asphalt and some of the underlying concrete (a better fix but more expensive); or remove the old underlying concrete, re-compact the layer of gravel beneath, then pour new concrete and asphalt (best fix, most expensive). The Board will decide after all bids are in.
  • Snow removal will be more efficient and cheaper if Juan does both the plowing and snow-blowing. Options for purchasing a plow blade will be looked into.
  • CPM’s reported noted that last month, there were three violations issued, two letters about delinquency, and a letter to answer a resident question.
  • A Board member will try to set up an MHA NextDoor neighborhood.

Bylaws next steps

  • The Board will try to set up a special meeting to finalize the new bylaws with residents.

Emergency Services Access

  • Parking changes. Due to one of the streets being too narrow for emergency vehicles, some parking spaces are being moved to other locations. “No parking” signs and other signage is being put in place, and letters to affected residents are being sent.
  • The idea of renaming streets to try to improve locating of homes by emergency vehicles, probably isn’t useful. Sunny will try to get more information about what would help.

Executive session

  • Confidential resident information, contractor and Board performance.

Meeting ended at 9:35 PM

Note: In months when the MHA newsletter is published, all BOD minutes (BOD and resident meetings) are sent out with the BOD newsletter, to all residents. Otherwise, the minutes are either sent on their own, without a newsletter, or sent with the subsequent newsletter and minutes. Newsletters and minutes are published in both English and Spanish.