February 27 2017 Board Meeting


Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes v2

7 p.m.

February 27, 2017

Unity Church, Boulder, Colorado

Meeting started at 7:05 p.m.

  • Present: Isabel Sanchez, President; Scott Goddard, Vice President; Curtine Metcalf, Secretary; Race Cowgill, Zenith Management Consulting and MHA consultant; Kathy Lange, CPM Property Manager; Marguerite Ryback representing Thistle Communities
  • Present by phone: none
  • Absent: Josh Holleb, Treasurer; Sunny Shaughnessy, Management Committee Chair
  • Vacant positions: none
  • Also present: MHA residents: Jo Morgan, Paul Keaton; City of Boulder Deputy Director of Housing: Kurt Firnhaber.

Electronic votes before the meeting

  • 1/27/17 The Board approved inviting City Council to the Quarterly of 2/19
  • 1/27/17 The Board approved reply to a resident: Board operational policies don’t apply to residents
  • 1/30/17 The Board approved a reply to a resident asking about putting Bylaws Advisor Group bylaws to a vote at the next Quarterly, and a vote to cancel Zenith’s contract.
  • 2/1/17 The Board approved a reply to a resident asking to see bylaws in advance, that this isn’t possible
  • 2/1/17 The Board decided that the attorney affirm its policieis at the Quarterly
  • 2/2/17 The Board approved sending generic replies to resident emails, due to receiving so many emails and not having enough time to answer all of them thoughtfully.
  • 2/2/17 The Board approved a reply to a resident query about “60 day notice” for new Rules and Regs.
  • 2/1/17 The Board approved $200-300 for irrigation testing
  • 2/8/17 The Board approved the Feb newsletter, the minutes and e-session minutes from 1/23

Resident forum

The residents in attendance had no comments.

Property tasks

  • CPM will get costs for new snow blade for truck plus attachments, and BOD will vote over email.
  • The Board approved new in-ground irrigation for a previously un-irrigated area, $2500 or slightly more.

Strategic plan

The Board named strategic opportunities

Bookkeeping simplification

The Board approved CPM’s bookkeeping simplification plan, pending approval from Thistle.


  • Work has slowed down due to difficulty locating water lines.
  • The Board will locate older maps and ask that work start again.


  • Board members will speak with candidates about taking the Treasurer role.
  • Interested candidates will come to the next Board meeting to discuss their interest.

Bylaws meeting on 4/23

The Board approved holding a special resident meeting on 4/23, 5 p.m., to take next steps with the bylaws.

Park beautification plan

The Management Committee’s beautification plan will go forward.

MHA meeting times

The BOD approved Quarterly meetings be held on the Sunday prior to that month’s BOD meeting

Tree planting

The Management committee will move forward with purchasing and planting new trees, as approved last fall.

MHA Records

CPM will continue to be the official keeper of MHA records; MHA will also keep copies of key documents.

Problems with Skyline Mobile Home Dealer in Longmont

The Secretary will write a summary of the problems experienced with Skyline, and CPM will follow up with COB Flood Recovery.

Rules and Regulations changes

  • The Board approved the simplification and clarification revision of two rules. More will come.
  • Residents will be notified of the changes once the rest of the Rules updates are complete.
  • The Board approved a new policy about how Rules are enforced, to make it more fair and remove the BOD from the perception of favoritism.
  • The Board approved changing the notices timeline days from 15, 6, 10, to 10, 5, 5.
  • CPM will conduct an immediate park-wide re-alignment with the Rules and Regs, starting with indoor furniture stored outdoors, skirting problems, broken items outdoors, and vegetation hanging over walks. CPM will do the rest in coming months.
  • CPM will try to send photos with notices sent to residents, and will also notify the Board of all notices sent out.
  • CPM will provide the BOD with a monthly enforcement report.

Audit of Thistle records

  • Thistle is undergoing a regular audit of its records, including a few records dealing with MHA leases.
  • This audit deals only with Thistle’s compliance with certain standards, and has nothing to do with any kind of compliance on MHA residents’ part.

Anti-defamation policy

The Board approved a policy against defamation,. which is part of the Resident Code of Conduct. The next newsletter will announce it.

Executive session started at 8:02 p.m.

Resident confidential information

Meeting ended at 10:20 p.m.

Note: All BOD minutes (BOD and Quarterly Meetings) are sent out with the BOD newsletter every month, to all residents, in both English and Spanish versions, along with the monthly newsletter.