Next Board Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the next* MHA Board meeting:

Subject to change

Convene                      6:30

Resident Forum              2 min. per person

Topics in open session:

  • Parking issues
  • MComm issues
  • Property issues and updates
  • Tasks tracking
  • Upcoming projects

Topics in executive session

Executive session reasons: confidential resident information, agent employment and performance,confidential Board member information

  • Rent delinquencies
  • R&R violations and resident issues

There will be no further business after executive session.
Decision-making during executive session will follow the MHA attorney’s guidance.

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This web page serves as legal notice of current Board meeting agenda.

* This posting applies to each Board meeting as it arises. “Next Board meeting” is the Board meeting subsequent to the time the viewer of this web page is viewing this page, regardless of when this web page was posted or updated.

Meetings Schedule

Board meetings, all start at 6:30 PM, at Unity Church

  • 2018: 1/22, 2/26, 3/26, 4/23. 5/28, 6/25, 7/23, 8/27, 9/24, 10/22, 11/12
  • 2019: 1/28, 2/25, 3/25, 4/22, 5/27, 6/24, 7/22, 8/26, 9/23, 10/28, 11/11

Resident meetings; all start at 5 PM, at Unity Church

  • 2018: 2/25, 4/22 (final bylaws revision), 5/27 (elections), 6/10 (first bylaws vote), 9/23 (second bylaws vote)
  • 2019: 2/17, 5/26, 8/25, 11/10

Meeting Guidelines

1. Residents, including Management Committee members, are welcome as observers.

  • Because the Board has more work than time to complete it, we ask that you please respect the following guidelines to help us keep the meetings as efficient as possible.
  • This is a Board meeting, not a resident meeting, and the discussions and decisions are for Board members.
  • Residents and Committee members will please not participate in the meeting or contribute information.
  • Please keep any side conversations to a minimum, or please take them outside the room.
  • Residents will sit away from Board members so that Board members can focus as a group.

2. Residents will be asked for comments prior to a vote.
In keeping with Colorado law, prior to the Board taking a vote, the meeting facilitator will ask residents for any comments they have on the issue at hand.

  • Each resident who wishes to comment will have one minute to make a comment.
  • Residents should be aware that this applies only when votes are being taken, and that not all decisions and conclusions are made by taking a vote. Voting guidelines are stated in the Board’s processes. The Board may choose not to vote, and can come to conclusion without resident input in such cases.
  • Residents will please refrain from speaking until asked to give input.

3. At the beginning of the meeting, each resident will have two minutes to speak on any matter they choose.