February 22 2016 Board Meeting

Mapleton Home Association Board Meeting
February 22, 2016 at 7:00pm at Unity Church


  • Board members were Richard Kluding,President; Isabel Sanchez, Management Committee Chair; Dustin Facteau, Vice President; and Josh Holleb, Treasurer. The office of Secretary is vacnat.
  • Race Cowgill, Board Advisor, from Zenith Management;
  • Homeowners were Jennifer Cornell, Curtine Metcalf, Robin Collins, Jo Morgan, Paul Keaton and Scott Goddard.
  • Kathy Lange, CPM.
  • Mary Duvall, Thistle Communities.


Electronic votes since the previous Board meeting

  • 1/31/16. The Board approved the meeting minutes for the Board meeting of 1/25/16.
  • 2/1/16. The Board approved the newsletter submitted by Kathy Lange.


Meeting convened at 7:14 PM

Resident Forum

  • A resident would like to make the MHA a bee-safe neighborhood. The resident will bring the information to the Management Committee.
  • A resident asked for participation in the Democratic Caucus meeting on 2/29 at Boulder High School.
  • A resident asked to hand out flyers for the Boulder International Film Festival at the next Quarterly.
  • A resident asked why their agenda items were not considered at the Quarterly.
  • A resident complained that the Quarterly meeting notice wasn’t posted before the Quarterly. The Board replied that it was posted at the time required.

Property issues

  • The Management Committee received keys for the storage room on site from CPM. There is a sign in and sign out sheet for residents.
  • The Board approved CPM purchasing a riding lawnmower with a plow for the on-site maintenance man to use for up to $5,000.
  • It was decided that the Management Committee will be monitoring the tree-replacement process.
  • CPM will be adding parking bumpers in front of the dumpsters to keep them from rolling.
  • The Board approved CPM to schedule Weifield Electric for electrical upgrades to new trailers.
  • CPM will use the backup MHA snowblower for now, rather than repairing or replacing the other one.
  • The Board voted on purchasing the mailbox plates with vinyl letters.

Zenith evaluation and contract renewal

  • The Board evaluated Zenith’s performance. The score was 89 out of 100 points.
  • The Board approved a renewal of Zenith’s contract for 18 months, beginning April 1 2016, for $1800 per month.
  • The Board approved the cancellation terms of the current contract, for the next contract.

Secretary Position

  • The Board will not appoint a person to the position of Secretary. It will wait until elections in May.


  • The Board will set in March its priorities for which Bylaws provisions to ask changes to.

Resident survey

  • The Board will begin preparing a survey to go out to all Park residents.

Zenith’s Evaluation of the Board

Race reviewed the Zenith report on the Board’s performance. The report states the Board can only significantly improve its performance by the residents fixing the problems in the current MHA Bylaws; the performance problems don’t have mainly to do with individual Board members’ performance.

Executive Session

  • Topics: legal matters

Meeting adjourned at 9:41pm.