February 21 2016 Quarterly

Mapleton Home Association Quarterly Meeting Minutes
Sunday, February 21, 2016 at 5:30pm at Unity Church


Present Board members were Isabel Sanchez; Management Committee Chair, Richard Kluding; President and Dustin Facteau; Vice President. The Secretary position is vacant.

Race Cowgill with Zenith Management Consulting was present as the MHA Board consultant.

Present from Classic Property Management was Kathy Lange.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:30pm.

Member Questions and Comments

  • An owner received information for owners whose homes were impacted by the flood and would like to apply for a new home through Boulder County Flood Recovery Assistance. This is not through FEMA. There are no guarantees that all homes will be replaced and each case will have to be proven by the owner. Residents can apply for funding for specific items such as roof damage, etc. through LEAP.
  • An owner asked why a Bylaws Committee was not formed based on a previous meeting where a vote was taken from the floor and all owners raised their hand in approval to form a Bylaws Committee. The MHA lawyer advised the Board that a vote to form a Committee cannot be taken from the floor but rather the Board can appoint a Committee. The Bylaws have not changed and the park is still following the original Bylaws.
  • An owner suggested having a solar-powered garden installed in the common area. She will do research and bring it to the Board and Management Committee.

Management Committee Report

  • The Committee is working on trees that still need to be pruned.
  • Parking and pet registration. Rules and regs state that owners’ vehicles and pets must be registered.
  • Community services. Kathy Lange will contact person who can provide community services to the MHA and will move forward with scheduling.
  • Oil spills. Classic Property Management will get them cleaned up.
  • Communications. Those with e-mail will receive communications by e-mail and those who do not have e-mail will receive a hard copy of communications.
  • Bee-safe. A resident is interested in the parking becoming a “bee-safe” neighborhood through the City of Boulder. A certain amount of signatures are required in order to follow through with that. Info will be circulated about this.
  • Financial information is always posted on the website.

Classic Property Management Report

  • Trash contract with Republic Services was terminated due to a lack of service. MHA hired Western Disposal and new trash containers will be coming next week. The new service will be trash, recycle and compost and three containers at each location. Contact CPM for clarification on what to and what not to trash, recycle or compost. Trash, recycle and compost guidelines posted on site and in next Mobile-izer.
  • Homes have been moving in and out. Kathy thanked the residents for their patience and cooperation in regards to not parking in front of those lots. Improvement Request Form must be filled out and sent to CPM for approval prior to moving a home in or out.
  • Juan is the new on-site maintenance man who takes care of snow removal, landscaping, cleaning the laundry rooms, minor repairs, cleanup, etc. Residents should CPM if they notice that something needs to be taken care of to instruct Juan directly.
  • Resident should contact CPM if they have information they would like shared in the Mobile-izer.
  • The common area landscape will be cleaned up in the next few months depending on weather.

Consultant Report

Race Cowgill is a consultant with Zenith Management Consulting. Purpose of his work: help the Board understand what good governance is, and install good governance procedures. His Board assessment was just completed:

  • The Board has doubled its performance since it began this work two years ago. Then, it was below the national average. Now it is above.
  • The Board has further to go. The Board sometimes delays addressing important issues. Sometimes decisions don’t achieve expected outcomes. There is little time for the Board to train in better decision-making.
  • The Board has made just about all of the progress it can given the current Bylaws. The Board can’t make more progress until the root cause of its problems is addressed: burnout caused by the current MHA Bylaws.
  • Problems created by the bylaws: The Board spends an inordinate amount of time responding to owners who are dissatisfied with the Board. The Board has too much work to do for the number of people on the Board. Board terms are too short for what it takes to learn to be a good Board member. People burn out and don’t want to serve on the Board again.
  • Only the residents have the power the change the Bylaws.
  • Bylaws changes needed: Fix ambiguities in the Bylaws. Increase the number of Board members so there are more people to do the work. Allow Board members to have longer terms so they can be more productive longer. Increase the number of skillful of people to choose Board members from by allowing non-Park residents to serve on the Board.
  • Accomplish these changes by changing one or two provisions at a time.



The meeting was adjourned at 6:37pm.