Board Achievements 2015

Board accomplishments, 2015

  1. Updated Rules and Regulations, including tying MHA Bylaws to them (per attorney recommendation)
  2. Re-wrote resident notices
  3. Finalized new Bylaws, including a complete legal review
  4. Updated the grievance policy
  5. Created a Resident Code of Conduct.
  6. Created protocols for all Quarterlies
  7. Set up successful One-Responder communication system
  8. Created List of Authorities to simplify which entity (BOD, MComm, CPM) is responsible for which routine tasks.
  9. Updated Board Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest, and Job Descriptions.
  10. Updated Management Committee Code of Conduct, application form, and confidentiality agreement.
  11. Created a Board Processes document, which describes all Board process. It is updated every month or so.
  12. Adopted newsletter criteria, and a process for writing and distributing the newsletter.
  13. Created process for creating and approving minutes, plus criteria
  14. Began a process of Board trainings, and conducted first two.
  15. Resolved MHA web site problems, re-connected with the site host, and established billing for site.
  16. Established process for making changes to the MHA website, and settled site authorities and oversight.
  17. The Board created an explicit governing model, including governing principles and organization chart
  18. Created a goals and strategies outline for the work with Race
  19. Created standards-compliant revisions of all outstanding minutes (six months worth), and the Board approved them.
  20. Had a quiet final three weeks of 2015, so that Board members could rest and spend time with family for the holidays.
  21. Posted all outstanding minutes on MHA website. Completely up to date.
  22. Posted Board reference documents on MHA site: job descriptions, goals ans strategies, Board processes, etc.
  23. In January 2015, completed BOD minutes in record time: written, approved, and posted seven days after BOD meeting.