FEB 2015 Mgmt Cmte Minutes

Management Committee meeting  February 11, 2015, lot #168 MHA Park

Meeting began at 6:35pm

Attending were: Isabel Sanchez, Sunny Shaughnessy, Robin Collins, Enzo Gentile and

Suj Schurman, and as guests, Mark Reeder and Suman Newman


Transfer to New Property Manager

Main Agenda Item was the transfer over to the new property manager, CPM.

Some of the issues in the transfer from old PM were explained and also discussed how to prevent same issues occurring with new PM.

For her monthly fee CPM will handle all of our rents, records, leases, vendors, assist with completion of budget,.  She will also print and distribute the Mobilizer.

Maintenance person, Marcos, billed hourly to us by CPM and also Landscape/Snowplowing contractor/s. Not sure if will be same co for both.

Responsibilities of Marcos, the Maintenance person, who will be here M-W-F for up to 3 hrs each day.

1.Laundry room area.. Keeping the laundry clean, including doors, & windows, sweeping, mopping, clearing trash, & keeping bags in the trash cans, cleaning out lint and soap spills.

Clean up trash around the outside of that area also. Not expected to clean out clothing and items that people leave

2.Dumpsters: Surrounding area totally swept clean of loose trash & debris every MWF after garbage pick up has happened. Every Mon & Fri remove any unclaimed recyclables left outside dumpster and place in trash.

3.Remove downed limbs, trash & debris from any of the park common areas and streets, cutting branches up small & putting in the trash bin. Trash bin should never be more than 1/3 full of yard debris.

4.Empty dog poop container on common area by mailbox.

5.Perform regular walk around of the park to observe what is going on and be on the lookout for potential or new problems, such as gas smells, broken limbs, cracks, & potholes etc which he will then report to CPM.

6. Clean up graffiti

NOTE; discussed how best to handle large amounts of yard waste

Also mentioned again getting big containers for spring cleanup in May or so for furniture etc

Maintenance is not responsible for:

Landscaping, watering, snow shoveling or plowing. Those things will be handled by other contractors.

Park security. If he sees anything of concern will report to CPM. Residents should also call CPM if they have any security concerns.

Noticing any lights that are out in the park. Residents are responsible to report light outages to CPM who is then responsible for fixing.

In discussing these responsibilities Mark Reeder brought in the consideration of efficiency and cost effectiveness in how we use him, and a reminder to always aim to put more money back into the park operating expenses.

He reminded us to always be aware of the debt : service ratio not falling below a given point (1.15)to keep us fiscally sound and not put the mortgage in jeopardy, and noted that last year it came very close to getting too low due to the fire.

Management Committee needs to oversee.  Because Marcos is only going to be here 3 days a week, 3hrs or less per day, and is new to the park we discussed that all of us on the Management Committee need to be doing walk arounds and really keep our eyes open,

Discussed setting up more efficient communication system than email so we can keep each other informed of what we see. Everyone is asked to get a mha@gmail.com address.


So far the new contractor has not done a good job. The basic street plowing is ok except for driving too fast and sloppy dumping,  Most of the common area sidewalks were not done or not done well.  Same for dumpsters.  Members of the committee are already working with CPM and the snow plow contractor to correct this.

We could let CPM know who in the park needs help with their shoveling.

Marcos may be able to help if he was here on a snow day. Residents could potentially pay him.

There is also a city service that gives free help to seniors or anyone disabled. Also could be a job for resident Volunteers.  This information needs go in Mobilizer.


Isabel commented earlier that we are currently looking at bids to get all the watering on automated timers.  CPM has to get 3 vendor bids for us and then the BOD will choose one.

Enzo requested that the bids for landscaping, automating the timers, or any work that has to be done, come to the management committee for review and recommendation before going to the BOD. All agreed that made sense.  Mark Reeder commented that it really is the Management Committee who should oversee the PM rather than the BOD.

Can we use resident volunteers to do some work around the park? 

We discussed wether we could use resident volunteers instead.  The problem with using volunteers is liability which we could solve by having them sign a waiver. The upside is that we are required to log a certain number of volunteer hours used to operate the MHA in order to retain our non-profit status.

Enzo and Robin offered to coordinate the volunteer effort.  Will put in Mobilizer.

Review of process of communication about park problems like sidewalks, trees, broken windows in laundry, etc. btwn residents, CPM and BOD.

Residents should call CPM who will report back to the BOD.  BOD will make final decisions on how to respond, when and what to spend money on.  Enzo suggested Management Committee can actually check on situations on site and send recommendations to the BOD to inform their decision.

Need to involve community

Because we no longer have an onsite mgr we need to find ways to get everyone in the park involved in reporting problems and being aware and watchful.

Main way to communicate will be the Mobilizer.

Mark Reeder is writing an article for the Mobilizer to be ready for the Feb 23rd BOD meeting outlining all the new information we need the community to be aware of.  Another communication opportunity is the Quarterly.

Suggestion of magnet with important numbers.

For Mobilizer: March 15 Free Seed Swap at the GrowHaus in Denver. Can be reached by Bus.

Spring Party…. suggestions of music, potluck, balloon house for kids, proposed date of June 6T


Other jobs that were handled by former property manager that still need to be done.

Sewer – North Side gets regular sewer service every 3mos and that contractor will  not change.


Trees are, and were under previous PM, done by a 3rd party contractor.

Management Committee will oversee tree project at appropriate time in the summer.

Who will help residents who have serious problems with suckers because of bad or no stump grinding? Decided to table entire issue for further discussion on trees next month.

Change in Improvement Request Process 

Residents submit an improvement request form to the Management Committee .

If the Management Committee approves the request it goes to CPM for recording on a google drive, then the form comes back to MHA to go to resident. The resident needs to follow up with the city of Boulder for permits.  MHA will not police residents to see if they did get the permit.  Mark Reeder reported that when he and Robert Power visited the Buiding Dept they were very clear that they would fine the MHA as the renters of the property owners by Thistle, not the homeowner.  Isabel reports that in the last year that has changed and as long as we have the signed improvement request the MHA is not liable for unpaid fines. If the City would ever come after the MHA, the MHA would pursue the owner to the extent of eviction.  Our revised Rules and Regulations spell this out.

The City will send code enforcers through here looking for violations and building projects.

Residents should be aware that each lot can have different issues as far as building permits and it is the resident’s responsibility to do their due diligence.

City does not really have a written code for trailers and different city employees might give different answers at times.  Residents need to take care.

Current Trailer issues involving Rules and Regs.

Isabel did talk to one of the residents we are concerned about and we feel the issue needs to be investigated further,

The other resident has not been approached at this point.

In regards to a 3rd long time problem trailer, once the City has been called in the MHA cannot really go beyond what the City or Fire Dept has said. Residents however are free to call the Fire Dept or City as often as they want if they are concerned about their neighbors or their safety.

The issue of balancing community safety with individual rights was discussed again.

One abandoned trailer is now in hands of CPM. Gas and water have been turned off and the PM is looking into beginning the eviction process. Resident has gone missing for some time and no contact information is available.

Isabel feels it’s important for the Management Committee to talk personally to residents about issues with the Rules and Regulations and try to assist the resident in coming into compliance before involving the Property Manager.

BOD wants to give the new Property Manager a few months before really tackling rules and regulation issues.

Park Census

We are asking CPM to get a current information sheet for each trailer… Who is on lease, what pets are registered, car license plate, renters, emergency contact.

Mark Reeder voiced a determination in many of the long time residents to guard their privacy. He said privacy issues were a factor in the original contract and agreement with the City and we could expect some “blowback” from some of those residents.

Isabel expressed concern for residents safety and need to know who lives in the park and that they all have had background checks, especially renters, and especially with newer residents.

Mark agreed but emphasized the need to balance community safety issues with individual rights. In the 2004 survey of all park residents,  privacy and the right to have their home as they wanted were core issues.

Confirmed that all vehicles in the park need to be registered. If we notice unregistered vehicles we can report that to the property manager and they will deal with it.

Trailers which are not owner occupied.

We know of at least 4 trailers which are not owner occupied. The owners rent one or more rooms out but t do not live there. It is actually illegal to own a home here and rent it out.

The rule is that the owner must live in the park 8 months out of the year.  Roommates, for however long, are not a problem but the owner also must reside in the trailer.

Mark Reeder reiterated for us that the original vision of the park in 1997 when the City bought the park was for it to be owner occupied to get residents who were committed to this place in order to help make it a great neighborhood.

Is it asking too much to ask people to commit to living here or move out?

We need to clarify and solidify this rule, decide if we really want to have this rule.  We need to clarify what it means to be a resident and owner in the park.  One option we considered was giving each owner in this position a 6 month grace period to work out how they want to respond, to move back in or to sell their trailer.

No decision was taken and the issue is postponed for further discussion next month.


Robin reported that all the bus passes that were issued last year are still good. If any resident finds theirs does not work they should contact Robin to get a form to take down to the RTD office for a new pass.  The chip may just have stopped working.

Anyone on the lease can get a pass. (Robin can now get Roster from Kathy at CPM)  Robin will do the letter explaining about this year’s program and asking the residents who use the bus to make a voluntary but requested donation towards paying for the program.  She will suggest the donation levels according to usage and type of rider (i.e. student/senior/regional etc)

Isabel emphasized again that the Bus Pass program was part of what the City in 2004 wanted us to put in place as part of qualifying for further grants from the City.

The letter should be done by the 23rd BOD meeting and could perhaps also go in the Mobilizer.


Mark Reeder is preparing two letters, one to CPM outlining expectations, and one for the Mobilizer to let residents know what’s going on.

Robin writing letter to residents about this year’s RTD bus pass program.

Enzo getting keys from Kathy Lange at CPM

Isabel will get the letter Mark prepares to CPM

Isabel will see about getting google drive so we can all post issues we see in maintenance etc.

Suj post minutes of last meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm

Next meeting will be March 16, 6:30 pm @ #168, MHA Park.