January 2015 MHA BOD MInutes

MHA BOD Meeting Minutes

January 26, 2015

Unity Church, Boulder, CO

Present were Richard Kluding/President, Josh Holleb/Treasurer, Dustin Facteau/VP, Isabel Sanchez/Mgmt Cmte Chair and Curtine Metcalf/Secretary, BOD members; Race Cowgill/BOD Consultant, Present as Management was Kathy Lange from Classic Property Management; Present as a homeowner was Jo Morgan, resident, for the public part of the meeting

The meeting was called to order at 6:37pm.



The Board is ready to start work on evaluating the condition of the north side infrastructure. Isabel will meet with one possible company for doing this work on 2/6.  The review of infrastructure followed. We will be finding entities to provide us an evaluation of our property.


Tree guys have been going along.  The Board asked the tree service to stop all work, but work is continuing. If the work continues past 1/26, Kathy (CPM) will contact attorney at that point, have attorney send an official notice and request that we see the bid before payment could be approved;  CPM will bring tree plan to Friday walk thru with Isabel and CPM (new PM) reps.

NECO PASS –  The NECO-Pass payment to the City was $9,724, which is less than anticipated. We still don’t have the word out so that residents can sign up, but will be coming soon.  Management Committee will begin to reach out to the community for next year and make recommendation of what the contribution should be depending on family size etc.

Since there has been a rent increase, Board would like to get a good list of who is living in each unit. There are currently people living in the community without a back ground check; BOD would like to start having dogs or cats registered, be neutered with shots and license. Cats & dogs must have a collar with ID.

2 units have guests living outside the trailers. Isabel will provide unit numbers.


All residents should communicate questions, concerns through Management. Board members are encouraged to direct residents to contact our office.


Jo asked what legal matters we will be discussing. The items to be discussed do not have to be shared before going into an Executive Session.

The Board went into executive session at 7:04pm. The Board came out of Executive session at 8:57pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:08pm.