June 23, 2014

Held at Unity Church, Boulder, CO

Present:  Dustin Facteau/VP, Josh Holleb/Treasurer, Isabel Sanchez/Management Committee Chair, Curtine Metcalf/Secretary, Tom Shockcor/Management Company (to give report) and Race Cowgill/Zenith Mgmt.  Mary Duvall/Thistle attended shortly thereafter, Richard Kluding/President was absent.

Meeting called to order at 6:33pm.

The agenda was approved by all.

The BOD discussed the new BOD positions as we previously defined and will be referenced from the MHA Bylaws.  A Quarterly newsletter will be revived and in the works – coming out either August or November 2014.  Current Park information for residents, upcoming events, news and other important will be included as well as more – to be determined, as the BOD hopes to provide as much information as possible which may be helpful and timely for the community.  The BOD discussed the possibility of creating an “emergency fund” of sorts to assist residents with catastrophic events, (such as the fire May 2013), and other unforeseen events which may occur.  Discussion is ongoing with the creation of this and to determine if it is even possible and to assess as many clear guidelines as possible prior to its creation.  A “resident services committee” is being reviewed for creation, based on needs of residents, and other available resources.  The formal “grievance process” is being reviewed for updating.  The MHA Bylaws are also being reviewed for updating, formalities and legalities.  The Rules and Regulations were previously updated for clarity, consistency and application so all are able to understand the same information clearly, and will also be reviewed for clarity, consistency and clear information for all.  A new “chain of communication” between Property Manager/On-site Mgr, BOD and residents is being compiled, so all are able to understand and proceed fairly, and with the same clear information.  The Management Co. overview of “lot assessment”, based on the current R&Rs, for violations was completed and posted for the BOD review. The Management Committee will still be reviewing for clarity and interpretation based on any current R&R discrepancies.  Tom Shockcor commented that he is not clear on the intended outcome of the Management Committee/BOD review of these violations.

Rent Increases:  It was confirmed by Mary/Thistle that the MHA Master Land Lease, and the Affordable Housing Covenant Governance the MHA has with the City of Boulder (COB) allows for a 3% rent increase based on the “CPI” or consumer price index.  This is in keeping with our obligation to maintain income for the MHA, and further increases our chances of the MHA potentially purchasing the Park in the future. The VP has taken over the duties of ensuring the MHA is paid and current with Unity Church for the use of the meeting space with Unity Church.  The Management Company reports that the MHA is paid and current into the future.  Mary/Thistle commented that our Management Company must follow the “legal process” and that the MHA should as well, in the case of any issues.  Tom S. noted that the intention is to start the new rent increase effective September 1, 2014, if all info/requirements/documents are in place.

Funding Grants/Opportunities for the MHA:  Mary/Thistle discussed some opportunities for the MHA to apply for certain grants – such as “community building”.  This is a “resident driven” grant, and includes “BOD strengthening and/or “sustainability” issues.  The BOD discussed the need for “BOD strengthening” as most needed, to better serve the community.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.