May 2014 Mgmt Committee Minutes



Present: Isabel Sanchez/Management Committee Chair, Sunny Shaughnessy, Suman Newman, Curtine Metcalf; Meeting was called to order at 6:36pm.  Chad and Robin, new Mgmt Committee members were not present.

The Mgmt Committee Chair requested all present at the Management Committee Meeting, including new members must sign and turn in the Confidentiality Agreements.  Both Suman and Sunny signed and turned in their Agreements; Suj/member and resident had already turned hers in.  Isabel shared the Rules & Regulations were being revised and handed out a copy of the draft that was created by the former Management Committee during the past few years.  She asked that all take a look at them, make comments and bring to the next two meetings for discussion.

Robin had submitted information on a BBQ in July as well as discussion of a Garden Club.  There was no further discussion as Robin was not in attendance.  Tree trimming on the west side of the community bridge on the east-mid sides of the Park is upcoming.  If there is an improvement request submitted to the on-site Manager, Isabel will request it be forwarded to Sunny Shaunessey.

Isabel/Chair, will be out of town during the July 21, 2014 meeting although members will still meet and discuss any issues, reconvening in August with Isabel.  Issues, improvements requests should be submitted to Sunny Shaunessey in Isabel’s absence and will be reviewed.

Isabel noted that a lot had installed a “temporary” fence – meeting all the requirements as defined in the Rules & Regulations, although the Management Company had brought this up as an issue in a BOD meeting as in violation of the “fencing” definitions in the R&Rs.  Isabel went to the homeowner and toured the fencing with the homeowner.  She commented that a “template” for fences will be created via the new “projects” the BOD and others are working on.  After discussion, the committee determined that the “temporary fence” (supported by metal stakes, not permanent, not encroaching in the 4 foot zone for neighbor access, blocking incoming light into the home, etc.), met the requirements as defined in the R&Rs; regarding vehicle parking: if a resident has more than two (2) vehicles parked in their designated parking spots, per the new “parking” regulations, a $25 fee per car/per month will be assessed for those cars; this issue is up for review in the revised R&Rs.  Some homes do not have enough space to park two (2) vehicles and this will be further addressed.  The issue of homes that have ‘on-site, driveway, long-time, already established parking spots in/around their home area’ (other than in the designated areas on the street) was discussed. To be continued as this is a long-time precedent for those residents who have parked in those areas historically.  The Fire Marshall will be coming to meet with Isabel in several weeks to review some homes for fire safety issues to address a complaint and reviewed the current grievance process in place.

It was discussed that there were a handful of complaints regarding the new tree plantings.; trees were not property planted to depth, no clean-up – a lot of excess material, clay & rocks were left around the planting area killing grass, stumps portions left from grinding, a tree planted right in front of a window, etc.  It was a big project. There are issues with how complaints are being handled.  The Management Committee members were reminded that all information shared at the meetings is confidential.  Also, that we are all working very hard to have timely communication between each other, within the BOD, and in general, to move forward; it can be difficult with busy lives.  Again, the confidentialities, formalities and legal guidelines for BOD, Committee meetings, as a non-profit corporation etc. is a matter of requirement and record.

A review of items took place.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.