MHA BOD Minutes April 2014

MHA Board of Directors Meeting

April 28, 2014

Unity Church, Boulder, CO

Present:  Richard Kluding/President, Isabel Sanchez/Mgmt Committee Chair, Harry Evenstad/Treasurer, Curtine Metcalf/Secretary, Race Cowgill/BOD Auditor-Mgmt Consultant, Tom Shockcor/Shockcor Mgmt;  Meeting called to order at 6:34pm.  Jo Morgan/resident, Josh Holleb/resident also attended the beginning of the meeting.

There was some discussion about who may attend the meeting as far as Mgmt Cmte Meeting members and when the BOD goes in to Executive Session – which does not include members other then the BOD specific members: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Management Committee Chair and Secretary as well as the Board Auditor/Management Company/Race Cowgill w/Zenith Mgmt Consulting.

Management Company Report – Property tax escrows have decreased approximately $250/mo.  We will be receiving a refund shortly of about $6,000.  Ditch-quick review: Tom S. has found a low grow seed mix, for erosion, drought tolerant, may need prepping first on the entire length of the ditch; Tom said all landscaping bids are very expensive – and those bids note that a low grow seed mix might be a way to go on this project;  Isabel has concerns about the seeds washing away during period of high floods and therefore could be a waste of money and a repeated wash away; this is especially true for the ditch area with lower bank areas – she suggested looking at perennial grasses that are deeply rooted instead; neither Isabel or Curtine are in favor of this until more research is done, but if it is a one time cost of $250 and the proposed grass seed takes, then ok; final determination will be in the near future;  Richard suggested Tom D. explore with neighbors and determine who would like to do that – as prep work and raking is necessary and individual residents may not participate in this step;  Tom D. noted the entire length of the ditch would be seeded; Richard still has not heard back from White Rock Ditch Co. regarding his inquiry about them providing, in writing, the statement that they are not responsible for maintaining the ditch. Trees: Tom S. put on hold the purchasing of the trees to make sure it is all info is clear and the specifics are nailed down to both Tom D./on-site Manager and all involved; everyone who is on the list with the COB (City of Boulder) tree plan to receive will receive a tree regardless of whether or not they want one;  there are 31 trees to be planted;  Tom S. said the tree plan says all large trees (cottonwood replacement) must be Lindens according to the tree plan; Isabel noted that she understood we had a choice of species in some areas – the COB tree plan will be revisited and confirmed by Isabel and Curtine.

Josh Holleb/resident and potential candidate for new MHA Treasurer, left the meeting as we went in to Executive Session.  Jo Morgan left shortly thereafter as the BOD went in to Executive Session.

The new Code of Conduct for all BOD member participation and commitment, was reviewed and signed by all.  This will be distributed to all MHA members prior to the May Quarterly/elections.  The MHA Secretary job description requires that the Secretary keep copies of all MHA correspondence and documents as outlined in the MHA governing documents, with some exceptions; a Motion was made by the President to approve all the revised MHA BOD job descriptions, seconded by Isabel; it was unanimous.  

The BOD addressed the offer by Mary Roosevelt/Thistle to contribute $5,000 on a monthly basis to the costs of the new BOD Auditor/Zenith Mgmt Consulting/Race Cowgill. In addition, it was discussed that, based on our financials and the previous meetings with the COB (regarding securing some financial help with the north-side infrastructure, in which they stated they would look at contributing financially only AFTER the MHA did its own ‘fund-raising’ via raising of rents, etc.), the MHA would move to raise the MHA rents by the cap of 3% to start moving forward with this project to increase MHA income.  Harry/Treasurer noted that if we didn’t increase our income, we would still stay at more of a “break-even” point financially, as our rent is 99% of our income.  Isabel noted this was an unusual year for expenses due to the fire costs.  A Motion was made by Harry to raise the rents by 3% at the earliest possible date. It was seconded by Curtine, with a unanimous vote by all.  This issue has been a topic for several years.

A Motion was made by Curtine to accept the contract with Zenith Management, effective April 1, 2014.  It was seconded by Isabel and the vote was unanimous.  All BOD members signed the contract at this meeting.

It was confirmed via the MHA guiding documents, new management committee members must be approved by the BOD after expressing their interest and signing a confidentiality agreement.

The new “Project Items” outline for BOD members, for projects, communication, issues, etc. proposed by Race was reviewed and discussed.  This “project” agenda proposes that a “project coordinator” ensures that the projects are completed by due dates, assigns specific tasks to individuals/residents and other (“task managers”) to support completion and what is needed at present to address and create a ‘process’, that they understand what the object is, what is needed and put together, improving and allowing flexibility as needed; this allows the work load to be shared so no one person is taking on a large, unmanageable project alone.  Each project coordinator is responsible for their assigned project, with start and end dates; Race is available for assistance for all questions and support.

In preparation for the upcoming May Quarterly/elections, the BOD discussed “absentee and proxy ballots”.  It was discussed that if resident/members wish to turn in an absentee ballot, any interested parties should declare their interest in running for office prior to the scheduled Quarterly.  Absentee Ballots (when a resident/member turns in their completed ballot, based on the choices in prior notice, of interested nominated parties (submitted to any BOD member and accepted in accordance with MHA R&Rs) and posted 7 days in advance of said Quarterly/election) will be accepted as well as the “Proxy Ballots” (when a resident/members assigns their 1 vote to another resident/member to vote on their behalf and who brings it to and turns it in to the BOD, elections vote counters, prior to the elections at the said Quarterly).  The Secretary will prepare an official “Absentee Ballot” for distribution. For the upcoming Quarterly/election, the President shall prepare a packet to include the new Code of Conduct (which all prospective BOD members must agree to adhering to prior to running for office), the descriptions of specific BOD positions, current nominations and a letter from the President on behalf of the BOD to be distributed to the community 7 days prior to the upcoming Quarterly/elections.  The Absentee and Proxy ballots submitted by resident/MHA members will be confirmed with the current ‘rent roll’ that the Property Manager has.

After reviewing the information and records in which the Management Committee Chair was appointed/elected to fulfill the remainder of the outgoing Management Committee Chair 3 years ago, it was determined that the current Management Committee Chair was both appointed by a majority of the BOD (with additional Quarterly majority over the initial volunteer resident who stepped in at the time and served temporarily – even though a vote by Quarterly attendees was not called for), to complete that term.  Therefore, the Management Committee Chair position is an available 2-year position at the upcoming Quarterly/election.  The Quarterly/election agenda – introductions, and voting process was created and finalized for distribution in the packet 7 days prior to the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:53pm.