April 2014 Management Committee Minutes

April 21, 2014,Management Committee Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm at Suman’s (Sue Newman) home.
Present were Resident members Robin, Jo, Sunny, Curtine, Suman, Suj and Isabel, chairperson.
Curtine kept time, Suj took notes. All agreed to keep meeting to 1 hour this time.

Isabel gave an update on the trees, the first item on the agenda.
It was reported we have $7000 left in the tree budget for the year. 18 trees have been removed and the city requires that we now replace them all by the end of May. Tom Duffy and Isabel will be going to buy the 18 new trees..20 ft tall…in Brighton on this coming Monday. The trees will be oak, linden, cherry, plum, apple or peach. Residents whose tres were removed will get a new one unless they don’t want one. Spare trees will be located somewhere in public areas of the park to be decided later. Any resident who gets a new tree will be asked to sign an agreement to take care of it with regular watering as the trees are quite an investment.
There was a suggestion of planting a few fruit trees together to begin a little orchard or perhaps replacing a tree which is not doing well near the large electric pole. We discussed the management committee getting more involved in the tree project next year to give some relief to Tom and Isabel. Curtine will be getting copies of the official tree plan from the City of Boulder to some of the other committee members so we can all get educated.

Robin then presented her report on the Eco Pass. The EcoPass committee has planned a potluck for Saturday May 3rd at the Unity Church. The purpose of the potluck is to help people learn how to get the most out of the EcoPass system. An RTD speaker will give a presentation and we will have sign up sheets for a variety of bus trips which have been planned. Robin will be putting out the flyers about the potluck on Tuesday.
Robin mentioned that next year the program will probably cost the park around $10,000, and we discussed possible fundraising ideas…garden tours and grants. We will bring this up at the upcoming quarterly. We also discussed trying to translate notices and flyers into Spanish. Suj offered to follow up on that, Suman offered to distribute the flyers about the potluck.

The contract with the Board auditor, Race Cowgill w/ Zenith Mgmnt will be presented at the May Quarterly. Thistle is very pleased with the improved functioning of the board since Race’s participation and may be able to contribute some money for the contract.

Elections are coming up at the next quarterly in May…open positions are vice-president, treasurer and possibly management committee chair (Isabel came on in the midst of a term so there is some unclarity here which will be addressed by the board before the quarterly.) By 2 weeks before the quarterly a notice will go to all residents about who is running.

Question was raised about whether board meetings are open to committee members. Curtine will be checking that with the board and the by laws.

2 improvement requests were offered. One had been approved by Isabel, the other was refused because all the paperwork was not in order.

We discussed how to get new items on the agenda. Isabel will send her items to SUJ, who will type up and distribute the Agenda to the members before the next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm