Management Committee Minutes March 17, 2014

MHA Management Committee Minutes
March 17, 2014

Present: Isabel Sanchez/Management Committee Chair, Chad Bennett/resident, Jo Morgan/resident, Sue Newman/resident, Suj Schurman/resident, Sunny Shaunessey/resident, Robin Collins/resident and Curtine Metcalf/resident, and held at Sue Newman’s residence. The meeting was called to order at 6:35pm.

Isabel, Chad, Jo and Curtine all have the “MHA Confidentiality Agreement” signed and in place as required. Some new attendees stated they initially came to observe this meeting prior to officially joining as a Management Committee member. Any resident who wishes to join must be a resident in good standing and have read and signed a confidentiality agreement.

Isabel reviewed the last meeting when a former member was asked to step down, as the entire BOD and meetings are working on a “code of conduct” and the events with the former member during this meeting were very challenging, disruptive and not in the best interests of the MHA as determined by the Management Committee Chair. Isabel also reviewed some of the new “code of conduct” outline during all meetings for all future and potential members; some of these include not interrupting each other, little to no story telling, speaking respectfully to others, staying focused and staying on topic. She then discussed some of the functions of the Management Committee such as reviewing all resident requests (for example – fencing), community discussions, complaints from the community, lot or home improvement requests.

One resident recently requested having 2 chickens on their lot; there are a total of 5 “chicken-request” lots, with 2 available after this request was approved. The approval process requires the resident have neighbor approval, as well as an overview for the resident to provide proper shelter, water and inspection of the chickens. One resident recently submitted a complaint about damage to their on-site personal property from the tree removal on their lot.

There was discussion about how our new BOD auditor is helping the MHA transform our BOD process and an overview of issues. One attending resident (not yet in compliance without confidentiality agreement) suggested making a motion to add 2 more BOD members. Some of the new expectations of future BOD members were reviewed. There was a lot of interest and discussion in community ‘grassroots’ agendas/ideas. The N. Side infrastructure was briefly reviewed and Isabel shared the that it is an immense, lengthy and very complex process, of which some steps have been investigated/addressed with much more to go. There was discussion regarding the ditch and mosquitos during the upcoming hot seasons. The “NECO bus pass program” and input from volunteers revealed that many folks had not read the information they received to learn that it was “free” for all the participating residents, with the cost being paid for by the City of Boulder (COB) and the MHA, as voted in favor, by the the BOD. There was also a note that some residents had experienced difficulty with a change in some hours at the RTD location when getting passes. It was brought up that with the ‘ditch cleaning‘ (farmer’s ditch that runs in-between some rows of homes), the north bridge (on south side) was now almost completely blocked with silt, and is a definite concern should there be another flood or large amount of water flowing with the spring runoff. Isabel said she would notify Tom D./on-site Park Mgr. of this issue.

Finally, it was discussed that the management committee meetings would be kept to 1 -1.5 hours maximum. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:40pm.