MHA BOD Minutes May 28, 2013

MHA BOD Meeting
May 28, 2013
Held at Unity Church, Boulder, CO

Present: Richard Kluding/President, Maggie Barber/VP, Harry Evenstad/Treasurer, Isabel Sanchez/Management Committee Chair, Curtine Metcalf/Secretary, Tom Shockcor/Management Company and for the first 45 minutes – Tom Duffy/On-site Manager. The meeting was called to order at 6:37pm.
FIRE REPORT: Tom D. reported that he spoke with the owner of lot #150 (the destroyed home), the Fire Marshall, as well as the Chief Enforcement Officer/planning division, City of Boulder who did an inspection of lot #149 (the home to the south of the fire) and posted it “uninhabitable”. It is possible it could be brought back up to code and livable. The final cause of the fire was undetermined at that time. Tom also spoke with a mobile home removal company regarding the burned home. There are many details, costs for removal and clean-up due to the asbestos, flammable materials, contamination and other associated factors. The side of the burned home facing lot #151 will need to be shored up to prevent more contamination and possible collapse into the yard of lot #151. The entire issue must be explored further with respect to home removal, liability, replacement/repair of home(s), and the many extenuating issues. The City of Boulder will conduct a Park wide evaluation of exterior home safety (re: a rezoning of the Park in 2004 gives the COB more oversight of the Park and references the Master Land Lease) in the future. The Park will be posting signs at each entrance clarifying the lot numbers for that entrance and ease for emergency vehicles. The issue of each home/homeowner having insurance on their individual home was discussed – more to come on this. Options for assisting the family in lot #149 with fundraisers, donations, other living and financial assistance, etc. were discussed.
MOTION: The motion was made by Isabel that in view of the fact that the home on lot #149 is currently not habitable due to the fire next door, the lot rent for June will be waived. It was seconded by Curtine, voted in favor by Richard, for a vote of three in favor, with one abstention by Harry and one not in favor by Maggie, both desiring more time and information on the issue.
The process for additions to homes/building permits was discussed for clarity. The process is: a resident requests an improvement request form from either the Management Committee Chair (currently Isabel Sanchez) or On-site Park Manager (currently Tom D.), the resident completes the form, drawings and all other requested/pertinent information & dates, etc. The completed improvement request form may then be returned to the Management Committee Chair or On-site Park Manager. The request is discussed at the next Management Committee meeting (held the 3rd Monday evening of each month); if approved or denied, it is given to the On-site Park Manager who returns it to the resident. It is after this, that the resident is required to contact the City of Boulder (COB) to get whatever permits are necessary. A copy of the permits (that are to be placed visibly in the requesting resident’s front window) should be given to the On-site Manager as well. Things like digging and pouring cement, permanent structures, fences, etc. are generally considered as needing a building permit from the COB (after the improvement request has been approved by the Mgmt. Committee) – although the City of Boulder is actually the one to determine what needs a permit and what doesn’t. The guidelines are laid out by the City of Boulder to ensure clarification. The City of Boulder Building Dept. website has a user-friendly place for questions and answers to assist in the process.
Thanks to the efforts of Tom D./On-site Park Manager, there will be community service volunteers in the Park once a month/mid-month, to assist folks with home maintenance and lawn mowing. Tom will oversee their participation. The County Assessor has been in the Park assessing homes for personal property tax valuations.
Trees – Tom S. stated that we are close to having our tree plan finalized so it can be returned to the City for approval. We have been given preliminary approval to go ahead and have the dangerous trees removed. The tree contact at the City of Boulder has given us a list a trees that are approved for replanting in the Park.

Management Committee Meetings – were not held during April and May, primarily due to the Mgmt. Committee Chair/Isabel having major surgery, as well there were no attendees/participants – so no Minutes for April & May, 2013.

Welcome to our new MHA President – Richard Kluding! The meeting was adjourned at 8:23pm.