February 2013 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


February 25, 2013

Unity Church -Boulder, CO

Present – Kurt Bischoff/President, Maggie Barber/VP, Harry Evenstad/Treasurer, Isabel Sanchez/Management Committee Chair, Curtine Metcalf/Secretary, Tom Shockcor/Management Company

The meeting was called to order at 6:36pm. 

TREASURER REPORT –   Harry noted that he is working with the accountant to update and adopt some forms for bookkeeping for the IRS that the previous Treasurer had in process.  One is a “whistleblower” policy and one a “document retention and destruction” policy.  Maggie noted that the “whistleblower” policy the board received was more generic and does not have the major detail required for a complete whistleblower policy.  Maggie has one she will forward to the BOD.  Harry recently received a packet from the IRS (which he requested a year or more ago) on MHA, which is part of the MHA IRS file, and which the MHA is required to have on file. Kurt noted that the MHA took a dip on its income to debt ratio because of the large expense of the purchase of the trees. This is fairly standard when there is a big expense.  Harry noted that the big picture is how the MHA is going to finance the infrastructure. As far as how this will affect the budget, Isabel noted that the tree picture will probably change due to the new oversight of the COB (City of Boulder) on the cottonwood trees, and addressing the emergency trees first.  An arborist’s report was submitted along with a tree removal plan and permit application to the City Of Boulder for review/approval last week. The impression was given that the COB would expedite approval. The COB application fee was $737.00 and the arborist fee was $400.00.  The arborist report will denote which trees are most dangerous.  The independent arborist report will be available to the residents once the Board has received the response from the COB.  Maggie noted that she thought the COB expressed some interest in our tree replanting plan.

MANAGEMENT COMPANY REPORT – The trash/recycle contract was signed with the new company/Allied Waste Republic.  It will save the MHA about $10,000 over the three-year contract. The park will have the new dumpsters by Saturday.  The new sizes will be 8 yard dumpsters for trash, picked up twice a week, and 6 yard dumpsters for recycle, picked up every other week; this doubles the current capacity. It is suspected that there are a lot of non-residents dumping mattresses and other trash after hours. Management and The Board hope this will be a good solution to the current needs.  One resident on a creek-side lot recently had some upgrades/work done on their lot and requested some reimbursement from the MHA.  The Management Committee had not received any formal improvement request for this improvement prior to the work being done.  The Board is grateful that they have upgraded their lot to a high standard. In the past, MHA has not approved reimbursement of work of this type for other residents who also border the creek or assisted with any type of landscaping lots that border the creek. Isabel will send a letter notifying the requesting residents of the denial. Park Maintenance – one lot had a water leak repaired.  Lot 94 was recently sold.  Maggie requested Tom S. research establishing an account with FedEx/Kinkos for our copying/document preparation needs. 

NEW BUSINESS – Resident/Jim Wilson gave us information on a company called “Door to Door Organics” which could deliver fresh organic food at MMHP (Mapleton Mobile Home Park) if there are at least four (4) homes signed up.  One person would need to sign up to have it delivered to their home and the others could retrieve it from there. They also offer a 10% donation for non-profits. This could be a very nice winter addition to our food stores.  Maggie would be willing to put a notice together and distribute it to inform the Park.  RTD EcoPass Update – Resident Robin/Lot #37 has prepared a letter, with MHA BOD approval, informing all residents about the RTD neighborhood ecopass program.  The key is participation of residents. The Board will be anxiously awaiting input from ALL residents and a vote will be taken by the board in March.  Please give us your input on this extremely valuable community transportation option.  Maggie requested a digital file, if Tom S. has it, of a spreadsheet with resident lot numbers and emails for MHA board use.  It would help the board stay organized with programs/projects that require informing or working with residents. The board would like to have emails for any and all residents who are willing to share it with the MHA in an effort to offer more communication with residents. It will not be shared with anyone except the MHA BOD and Management Company. Curtine/Secretary has a current list she received and maintains from all updates she receives. If anyone would like to be a part of our email list please send your current email to curtinemha@gmail.com. Tom S. will inquire of Tom D. to see what email list he may have. One resident queried as to having our sidewalks shoveled by the Park.  Currently, Tom D., the on-site park manager does assist the residents by clearing sidewalks/walkways for seniors and disabled as well as other areas depending upon the snow.

Notices have been issued in the past for folks who haven’t shoveled after a certain period of time. The City Of Boulder policy is that shoveling of your sidewalk must occur by noon the day after a snow.  The notices have stated that if they are not shoveled by a specific time, the park manager will shovel and a charge of $25 will be assessed.  It is very dangerous when walkways are not shoveled – due to slippery and ice conditions.  For everyone’s safety please shovel your walk when it snows!  If you are a senior or disabled, please let Tom D. know so he can put you on the senior/disabled list.  

MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE REPORT – There was no Management Committee meeting in February since the meeting date was one day after the quarterly meeting and issues were covered at that meeting. The January Management Committee Meeting Minutes were already posted to the kiosks in the Park as well as the website in late January. There were no improvement requests this month. The issue of on-site park manager emails sent to residents was addressed as some residents have concern/clarity issues when they receive direction from the park manager, via email, not to drive and take the bus, for example. Although it is intended as a practical suggestion, some residents are not sure of the MHA policy regarding the content of the emails since they are coming from the on-site park manager. Although the intention of the emails is to give residents an overview of the road and other conditions/issues in the Park (and suggest alternatives other than to attempt to drive out and get stuck on one of the Park drives).  Maggie noted that the folks from the last Quarterly said they appreciated getting the emails. Maggie has been approached and Isabel has received calls by folks who want to have more clarity regarding “MHA policy” and future MHA intentions about what is in the emails – as example, that the park may be getting a “yurt”. Tom S. said that he did not want Tom D. to send out any other emails since it cannot be done effectively if folks were questioning the intention; also there only 70 people on the list so only half the Park gets informed via the park manager emails. Kurt offered to review the emails before they go out.  There are concerns about the cultural dances/events being held in the Park without prior warning to the residents; entrances/exits are being blocked not only to residents but also emergency vehicles. If you are a resident host or resident participant, please advise other residents with a notice to the community and use the orange cones to block off roadways instead of using cars to block entrances; coordinate with Tom D. on borrowing the MHA parking cones, post a notice in the laundry room, tell your neighbors and ask them to pass the word along when one of these events will be held so as many residents as possible are aware of the day/location for entrance/exit options. The board is shooting for scheduling dumpster day for Saturday, May 18 with a dumpster on the north side of the Park. There will be some volunteer helpers available. Upcoming Elections – May 19 is the spring MHA Quarterly meeting at Unity Church. The positions of President and Secretary will both be up for election. Kurt has served two consecutive terms as President.  The elections for Secretary and President are held on odd years.  Curtine has served the remainder of the previous Secretary’s term – an interim term.  Kurt will stay for another quarter if no other resident runs or is elected.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.