MHA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 22, 2012

Unity Church, Boulder, CO

Present were Kurt Bischoff/President, Maggie Barber/VP, Harry Evenstad/Treasurer, Isabel Sanchez/Management Committee Chair and Tom Shockcor/Management Company

The meeting was called to order at 6:36pm.  The minutes were transcribed off of Kurt’s recorder on his phone.

Management Committee Report – Isabel noted that the Mgmt. Cmte. wanted to know if Tom D. was going to finish the parking space line painting on the south side.  Tom S. will discuss this with Tom D. and find out the status.  One resident called the Mgmt. Cmte. to report that a tree limb fell off of the neighbor’s tree and broke a gutter on their home.   The resident wanted to know the steps for moving through the repair process due to the tree in the Park being the problem.  Kurt and Maggie both volunteered to help the resident.  Kurt noted that we have not paid for these types of repairs in the past.  Kurt noted that all residents must be aware that any trees planted must be approved by the MHA; they must be on the approved list of trees.  An engineering diagram may be acquired from Tom Duffy/On-site Park Mgr. for specific planting spots.

Management Company Report – Tom S. reported that we have several tree issues currently; they got more information and feel like it is a waste of money to use the “deer tape”.  There is another type of tape, much less expensive that would serve a similar purpose.  Tom will get costs.  It would cost about $500 and it is primarily the little trees that needed the tape – fruit trees and hardwood trees.  We want to protect the investment in the trees.  Maggie felt it still needed addressing as the deer rub their antlers on the trunk/bark.  Every tree won’t need it.  There is a moderate deer population in the Park.   We received a letter from a Mapleton Street resident who has the large willow tree which broke off and downed a power line previously.  She (NOT an MHA resident) requested our help with half the costs of having the tree cut removed – as the previous Mgmt. Company had agreed to do it but there is no documentation.   It was agreed by all that we will NOT be contributing to this tree removal.  It is not on MHA property, only had branches which hung over the fence.  Dan’s Tree Service has completed the most recently signed bid for tree work.  We spent $16,165 for the 2011-2012 tree budget.  After conversation with Dan regarding the trees, both the MHA and Dan feel that it isn’t in the MHA’s best interest to use Dan’s to remove the larger cottonwood trees; it’s too labor intensive and expensive.  Tom S. has a tree company/crew that he uses in Denver which is both very skilled and more affordable.  We will be getting four vendor bids.  It was suggested to number the trees, such as 1a, 1b, 1c, etc. referencing the lot number and number of trees in each lot for clarity for Park residents and the tree company.   Because the trees along the ditch have been a long standing issue as to whose responsibility it is (ours or the ditch company – the ditch company says it is ours), we will be addressing those trees sooner than later.  A motion was made to multi-source our tree removal and trimming to get more competitive bids and the motion passed unanimously by all present.  The stump grinding company will be in the Park tomorrow – they have the larger machine and the best price.  This company was in the Park last year and we are bringing them back for a bid/estimate.  The insulation on the wash house is now completed.  The concrete work on the specific walkways starts on Friday.  There are four different locations that have been marked.  We are moving money from our operating account to a money market account to keep it “liquid” and available for the north side infrastructure.  Tom S. has done research on rates and options.  We all agree we would like to keep it “liquid”.  A motion was made by Harry/Treasurer and seconded by Kurt/Pres. to follow the advice of Tom S. and move this $200K in to Bank of the West market rate liquidity account.  It was unanimously approved.   It will be done within the week.  Some residents have commented to Isabel that they do not wish to have the leaf blower used close to their homes – from the street to their yards as it also moves some rocks and other debris to their lawn area.  And, residents should NOT rake/blow their leaves in to the street but rather bag and dispose of their own leaves individually.

Treasurer Report – Harry has requested some revisions on the cash flow statement.  Some items were missing but the adjustments have been made and added.  Isabel noted that we do need to have financial information available.  Harry again commented that he is more than happy to meet with anyone and go over the financials for the Park.  You may email him at harryevenstadmha@gmail.com or 303-544-0239.

OLD BUSINESS – The budget is under review and we are awaiting approval from Thistle.  We are anticipating scheduling the next Quarterly meeting for November 18, 2012.  Kurt will check with Unity Church and confirm that this date is available.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.