To the Mapleton Mobile Home Community,

My name is Robin, I am a Mapleton neighbor and I have volunteered to help initiate and implement the RTD Neighborhood EcoPass Program for the MHA Community. The MHA Board has asked that I inform the residents about the EcoPass Program and the many benefits that it will have for the community. I did some research and we have a wonderful opportunity to get a group discount and by applying a small amount of   community resources, gain a great collective benefit.


We have an opportunity to take advantage of a fantastic government subsidy that would pay for half of the cost of the Neighborhood EcoPass Program for the 1st year. The board is willing to consider subsidization of the other half of the cost for the program. What this means is that we would have the opportunity to try out the bus system for an entire year at no cost to individual residents!


Some of the EcoPass benefits (for every resident in the park!):

* Free unlimited travel on all RTD Local, Regional Express, and Light Rail routes.

* A transportation network throughout Boulder and surrounding areas such as Ward, and Eldora.

* A transportation network that stretches from Boulder through all surrounding Denver, including Lafayette, Longmont and Lyons to name a few.

* Bike and Ride service that allows you to transport bikes on busses or lock them at stations.

* Deeply discounted SkyRide service to DIA.


We could enjoy taking the bus to the airport, local trail-heads, the University, to Denver, or to the Longmont Fairgrounds, to baseball games, perhaps to Niwot for dinner. We could see for ourselves the amount of savings that using public transportation gives us. It means that we could spend less on gasoline. There would be a transportation backup in case of vehicle/bicycle difficulties. Car expenses, parking expenses, and driving frustration will all be reduced, while, at the same time we expand our horizons and experience more fully all that Boulder has to offer! We would gain freedom in a way that expresses the Mapleton values of ecology, support for low-income households, and access for all.


The cost to the Mapleton Community to sign up for the Neighborhood EcoPass Program would be $3,800.00. If you divide that amount by each household here in the park it works out to just over $27/home. Divide it by the actual number of residents and the amount drops even more!


I presented my research at the Feb. 2013 quarterly meeting. The response was quite positive. The Board would like the input of residents, including those who did not attend the meeting, before it decides whether or not to use community funds for Mapleton’s participation in the Neighborhood EcoPass Program. Please send feedback to the MHA Board of Directors by written letter or email (please include your name). Feedback must be received by March 20th, 2013. Letters can be addressed to the board and dropped in the rent box in the laundry room. Emails can be sent to: MHABoardOfDirectors@gmail.com


I am willing to coordinate our efforts as a liaison between the park, RTD, and the Board. I also invite anyone who is interested to volunteer. Assistance putting informational notices on mailboxes, community outreach, and gathering ridership information are some of our immediate needs. Please let me know if you’d like to help make this program available to the residents for years to come. I can be contacted by phone at: 720 352-1773 or email at: lovetothe5thpower@gmail.com



Respectfully, Robin Collins Mapleton Resident Lot 37.