MHA Board of Directors Minutes – April 23, 2012

MHA Board of Directors Meeting
Unity Church, Boulder, CO
April 23, 2012

Called to order at 643p. Present – Maggie Barber/VP, Harry Evenstad/Treasurer, Isabel Sanchez/Mgmt Comm Chair, Curtine Metcalf/Secretary
Maggie states she had covered for Curtine in March to take minutes in her absence and recently finished them.
Treasurer’s Report – Harry reports that he looked over last financials and it was the first month in a long time we went over budget by about $5,000. These were one time charges, either under budgeted or just a rare occurrence; we paid accountant for taxes and had to pay Hast & Co. for our final financial reconciliation. There was an overage for trees. Neither was critical. And trees were thought to be budgeted for more originally. A lot of work went in to the ‘tree’ project and it is long term. Tom Shockcor gave the final approval after the legwork was completed and the check was cut. There was an electrical cost overage for some lighting posts and the electrical panel on the north side to be repaired for safety. The VP says she would like to see reviews before we think we might be going over budget. Harry said there is a provision for this. We will be adhering closely to this in the future. We will also be depositing some of our checking account balance in to CD’s.
Management Committee Report – Revised Rules & Regulations – in total – have been completely gone over by the Mgmt Committee and is now in the Board’s hands. We will plan to go over them in one of the upcoming meetings – or at a special meeting since it is a lengthy process. Isabel notes that the feedback from Tom Shockcor and others is that the Rules & Regs need more clarification with might require more wording. Harry referenced the Park Lease of 12/08/04. Harry identified the wording in the leases; then in 2008, if was determined by that current board that the R&R needed to be revised. He said what the Board did at that time was combine aspects of the lease with the updated R&R. The lease goes up to #7 (in the R&R) then the rest is R&R. Some things are ‘aspirational’ – and what parts of changing the lease and or the R&R should go in to the updated document. He suggested we clarify this language for adherence to the Master Land Lease – which we are required to be guided by. Harry would like to see the format of the signed lot lease be followed and insert as needed to update the R&R. We should identify what part is aspirational and what parts are actually changes in the R&R. The lot lease is included in the Master Land Lease. All were in agreement. We would need Thistle’s approval. The issue of ‘dangerous’ trees that were identified was discussed and it was determined that instead of the tree company going around and doing a general trim on these trees, these dangerous trees be removed. It was found that many of them were rotten on the inside. We have the money to do the work and it is a safety issue. Isabel will be doing a walk around to note which trees are a safety issue. We will be inviting the tree company back to do an estimate –using this year’s budgeted amount. Maintaining the trees is a big part of our budget. Also, as far as misc. dangling limbs, saplings and overgrowth tree issues, Tom D. could take care of those. We discussed notifying folks first if they have these issues and ask them to take care of them first. Stumps were discussed as far as removal or not. Because these stumps send out many suckers, it may be that they will be removed in the future if the homeowner does not maintain them – with no sucker growth. To be continued.
Management Company Info – A letter was sent out to a resident to remove multiple work vehicles within two weeks. Another resident has had some serious difficulties with a neighbor and has decided to move. The ditch issue was brought up – who takes care of the trees in the ditch and contacting the ditch company was needed to address this. We need to define responsibility. Also, we had an inspection by the city about water back-flow valves on our water system. The city originally decided we needed three back-flow valves. This area has had the work done already, it leaked and was replaced. The city analyzed our water flow and decided to issue us an exemption. There are ongoing problems with this due to the infrastructure work on the south side. We will ask Tom S. to confirm who is responsible for this – Thistle or city and determine who did the work and what the guarantee is on the previous work done. The issue of ‘leaks’ in the Park homes was discussed. We need to be sure that we have all leaks covered because the infrastructure on the north side is not completed and do not have an individual shut off valve. There are at least two leaks under north side trailers. Tom D. sent a note to north side residents asking to fill out a form he prepared to identify if they have leaks and forward it to him. We do not have all responses yet. A note will be sent to Tom S. and Tom D. to find someone and/or at least get bids from 3 licensed commercial plumbers to check the north side infrastructure for leaks. Some residents have forgotten to turn their water off during projects. This is very costly!
Miscellaneous Issues – The next Quarterly meeting is scheduled for May 20th. A notice will be posted prior to the Quarterly notifying every one of the meeting and upcoming elections of 3 board members – Vice President, Treasurer and Management Committee Chairman. The next BOD meeting will be Tuesday May 29, 2012. It was agreed that when the next Secretary is elected they will attend a BOD meeting with the outgoing Secretary. It is important to note that anyone who is interested in becoming a board member they know the number of meetings to be attended – eleven (11) BOD meetings and four (4) quarterly as well as some ‘special’ meetings – during each year. It was approved at a Management Committee to have a ‘community garden’ and $1,000 was allotted for it primarily drip irrigation and necessities that weren’t donated. Two spots were being considered for the community garden – one on the south and east side – south of the dumpsters and another just on the east side of the (west) bridge. That area was determined to not be viable – power lines, traffic. The community garden would provide food, education and bringing some of the community together – for those who want to participate.
The next BOD meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 25, 2012, 6:30pm. The President motioned the meeting be adjourned, seconded by the Secretary. The meeting was adjourned at 8:24pm.
Upcoming Events – We will have a park wide ‘garage sale’ June 2nd – this coming Saturday from 8-12 up on the Folsom St. green strip area. Tom Shockcor will be submitting an ad in the the Daily Camera.
Community Garden 1st meeting – June 4/7pm by the east dumpsters/planned garden area – Please join us is you would like to take part in the new Mapleton Community Garden. Bring ideas and designs for our wonderful project. Call Isabel if you would like to participate & can’t make that meeting-303-596-0159.
The ‘dumpster drop/clean-up’ will be the following Saturday, June 9 where any and all resident have a chance to let go of what they didn’t sell at the garage sale and/or excess ‘stuff’ in and around their homes. This is in the spirit of the ongoing effort to assist residents in clearing out and cleaning up their lots at no expense to them and provided by the Management. If you have something that is too heavy to move to need help we will have volunteers available that day to assist you or move it for you. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY!! It’s FREE! You may also donate items to be picked up – 800-775-VETS. Call Tom Duffy, Onsite Park Manager with questions – 720-314-9862, or email
Community Cycles will be in the Park at the laundry room common area on Sunday, July 1st. Get free repairs to your bike! Roll into summer in a healthy Eco friendly style. They will also be taking donated bikes. Of course, donations are always appreciated as well (but not a necessity).
Tree Maintenance by Owner or with Park assistance – ongoing – There have been issues with saplings growing too close to the skirting of home causing problems, as well as dangling and dangerous limbs, and overgrown trees and major weed/brush creating potential fire hazards. Saplings growing within two (2) or so feet of homes need to be removed. PLEASE do an inspection of your lot, see if you have any of these issues and take care of them. It is an ESPECIALLY DRY YEAR for Colorado and we would rather be proactive with fire danger. If you need help with larger limbs, Tom Duffy, Onsite Park Manager can assist you. We will be walking the Park to see where there are areas needing help and you will be contacted if your lot needs attention. Thank you for your help on this.