Improvement Requests
#185 – not yet approved. We requested more info.
#173 – request for chickens – Approved. Has signatures from all neighbors and is following all guidelines that were set up by Chicken Cte and approved for the trial period which is now under way.
#153 – not yet approved. We request more info.

Community Garden
Action Step: Letter will go to all residents informing, and asking who want to participate. Location is intended for the East side of the Mapleton entry road, between #10 and dumpster station. Budget already exists for fencing, soil prep (such as sheet mulch), etc. Also consideration is being given for drip irrigation system, zoned for each plot.

Situation with Swamp cooler complaint on lot #145
• Neighbor requests for removal of swamp cooler on offside of the #145 house (facing and into yard of neighbor to the north).
• Swamp cooler has legs going to ground, it is on a large platform, and is set up as “permanent” in that the platform has legs going to the ground. Thus it is occupies space in the neighbor’s yard and is beyond just an extension to the #145 house, such as when an air-conditioner is installed.
• Action Step – written letter will be sent to request #145 to remove platform with legs, and if the swamp cooler stays on that side of home, to have a platform the size of the cooler only, secured in some way to the house, above the skirting. Or to move the swamp cooler to the “yard” side of the home, rather than the offside.
• Note: the decision is based on the following interpretation of the Rules and Regs: that the yard on the offside of a home is the neighbor’s yard, that the 4 foot emergency access on the offside is for access to get under the home, and not an extension of the yard of the home in question, and that in this case, the swamp cooler stand is encroaching in the neighbor’s yard. The only thing permitted is an emergency exit. Any exceptions require written agreement of the neighbors and must be approved by the Management Cte.

Procedural change related to improvement requests – Digging, and requirement for utility locator service before any digging is done.
The Mgt Cte requests that the following statement be added to the Rules and Regs in the appropriate place:
If any digging is requested in an improvement request, then the utility locates must happen, including any paid locates if the intended digging is beyond the area that a free locate provides, before the request is approved. A photo of the locate map must be included with the finalized improvement request.

#65 – It was noted by an anonymous resident of the lack of a retainer wall, and ground encroaching on the home
• Action Step – have the Property Manager request bids for retaining wall on that lot, and also examine and get bids for any additional lots between 65 through 77,. Also, to give options on completing all needed retaining walls and repairs to existing ones, including a schedule that may extend over the next few years (with specific estimates so that budgeting can be done).

Speed Bumps
Mgt Cte Recommendation that board get speed bump estimates for road that is at the South Folsom entry. Also, that the West Valmont entry road speed bump be fixed/replaced, and that a temporary one go in on the East Valmont entry road.

#34A – Regarding west side yard
• Request from the resident that the MHA pay for a backhoe to come and turn up the soil in an approximately 200-300 sq ft stretch on the West side of the home (which is technically not the resident’s yard. Approval was given to garden that area several years ago by the Board). The current ground is filled with flagstone, rocks, a few boulders and is virtually unworkable for plants or trees. The resident has 2 trees donated that can be planted except that at least one hole can’t be completed because of boulders that have been unmoveable after 5 hours of work. Most of this area was not improved at the end of the infrastructure project even though it was requested at that time. Several different gardens in the area have been attempted; nothing has grown well and many plants have died.
• The money can come out of infrastructure monies. It was also noted that the south side infrastructure has never been completed for lots 34A, 34B and possibly 35A. Currently it is impossible to upgrade to 100 amp service because the infrastructure doesn’t exist, nor can Century Link service be acquired because the conduits don’t exist to the houses.
• Resident will submit letter to Board with detailed explanation for request.

Noise issue
There were complaints from a few residents of loud and persistent noises over the course of a few weeks, late at night (around 2:30am) coming from homeowner in #22. Tom Duffy investigated one night and heard the noises that had been happening. Police were called; they investigated and attempted to communicate with the homeowner who would not open door. Noise has since stopped.