MGT CTE NOTES – 3-19-12

Trees Discussion
• Already done, not on Tree Management Document Robert is creating = Big tree on 37 – major trim in beg 2012
• 2 big cottonwoods on 13, 1 big one on 6 – high cost, what to do
• Behind #42 or #40, ½ of tree fell
• All the willows along ditch – what to do? Check w/ ditch owner,
• More stumps in need of grinding.
• Robert will consider doing a stump management document, along with the tree management document
• Get into Rules &Reg – points related to management of trees, the roles of residents, property manager, MHA
• Is it valuable at this point to go through the whole park with a consultant that Dan knows, to evaluate trees?
• Management Committee suggests to Board to look at increasing tree budget

Parking Update –
Stripes to be painted – Tom will mark guest area first – curbs in green with placards, and then will go to lot lines for parking –

Community Garden
– Board has $3000 set aside for community garden and landscape upgrade –
– We need to do decide location
– Rent plots?
– Related – Stop watering common areas is possibility for consideration. This didn’t go anywhere in the committee though.

Rules & Regs (and related points)
– Rents have adjusted, good collection rate is happening,
– Tom D has a list of potential issues
– Major R&R focus list (those with most egregious violations)– will be 4-5 people
– Suggestion is to have 1 roll-off this year, or do a survey – A survey will be done to see if needed (by Tom D)
– There are dumpsters without wheels now to remove issues that came up with them rolling around
– 1b. – what is criteria for convicted felons? Instruction to Property Mgr needed. He says no to any of them for other properties he manages.