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Board Goals and Strategies 2016

MHA Increasing the Board Capacity: Goals and Strategies v3    1/21/16 I. Final outcome: the community continually achieves desired outcomes efficiently The final outcome of this work is hoped to be the following, based on numerous comments over the last 18 months A.    Be financially strong B.    Residents live their lives as freely as possible C.   […]

January 25 2016 BOD Meeting

MHA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes January 25, 2016 Unity Church, Boulder, Colorado.

Board Job Descriptions

MHA Board Job Descriptions v4    5/1/15   I. The purpose of these job descriptions and how we use them A.    The purpose of these job descriptions is to create a clear, manageable system that gets done all of the Board tasks needed. B.    If we are falling short of these standards, we will ask for […]

Board Processes and Decisions

The latest version of the Board Processes and Policies document can be seen by clicking here –> Processes v20b