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April 2014 Management Committee Minutes

April 21, 2014,Management Committee Meeting Meeting was called to order at 6:30pm at Suman’s (Sue Newman) home. Present were Resident members Robin, Jo, Sunny, Curtine, Suman, Suj and Isabel, chairperson. Curtine kept time, Suj took notes. All agreed to keep meeting to 1 hour this time. TREES Isabel gave an update on the trees, the […]

MHA BOD Minutes April 2014

MHA Board of Directors Meeting April 28, 2014 Unity Church, Boulder, CO Present:  Richard Kluding/President, Isabel Sanchez/Mgmt Committee Chair, Harry Evenstad/Treasurer, Curtine Metcalf/Secretary, Race Cowgill/BOD Auditor-Mgmt Consultant, Tom Shockcor/Shockcor Mgmt;  Meeting called to order at 6:34pm.  Jo Morgan/resident, Josh Holleb/resident also attended the beginning of the meeting. There was some discussion about who may attend […]

Management Committee Minutes March 17, 2014

MHA Management Committee Minutes March 17, 2014 Present: Isabel Sanchez/Management Committee Chair, Chad Bennett/resident, Jo Morgan/resident, Sue Newman/resident, Suj Schurman/resident, Sunny Shaunessey/resident, Robin Collins/resident and Curtine Metcalf/resident, and held at Sue Newman’s residence. The meeting was called to order at 6:35pm. Isabel, Chad, Jo and Curtine all have the “MHA Confidentiality Agreement” signed and in […]