MHA Board Meeting Minutes February 27, 2012

MHA Board Meeting
Unity Church, Boulder, CO
February 27, 2012

Present: Kurt Bischoff/Pres., Maggie Barber/VP, Harry Evenstad/Treasurer, Isabel Sanchez/Mgmt. Committee Chairman, Curtine Metcalf/Secretary and Tom Shockcor/Shockcor, Inc., MHA Park Mgmt. Co

The meeting was called to order at 7:15pm by the President.

Management Company Report – No new information to report since the posted minutes from the quarterly meeting. The VP asked about the cameras in the laundry room. The Pres. and Treasurer said the camera was installed to keep track of the occasional vandalism – such as the burglaries in neighboring communities where the money from the laundry machines was stolen. It was found that in the cleaning of the ‘sewage traps’ on the north side of the Park, numerous large items were found down in the pipes – such as rolls of paper towels. Different options for managing the outside ‘input to the sewer areas’ were discussed to avoid the potential of the sewer failing. The VP mentioned that she saw several individuals pouring oil and/or automobile fluids being poured over the railing in to the open space area between the north and south sides of the Park, by resident visitors or unidentified residents. It was discussed that some signage will be put up to advise residents to not do this! The skirting on a handful of homes was damaged during the high winds. The motion was raised by the VP to post the Management Company Reports on the website. Four members agreed. Motion passed. Tom Shockcor confirmed that all security deposits are accounted for in one account under MHA control.

Treasurer’s Report – There were no issues. The Treasurer requested that all Board members review the financials in advance of the meetings and have questions ready, to move the process along during Board meetings. Tom Shockcor confirmed that the MHA now has control of 100% of the security deposits, as opp0sed to going through Thistle. The Treasurer noted that as a matter of practice that the Annual Budget had previously been publicly posted in the laundry room.

Management Committee Report – The current printed Management Committee Report is posted and the same projects are ongoing. And as there was only a minimum attendance of three at the last meeting, there was no formal report. It was a follow up on the trees and the forwarding of Rules & Regulations to Board members, which has been the goal. Revising the R & R’s is an extensive process. It was discussed that the R & R’s, a binding legal document, will be reviewed by the MHA attorney and Thistle. Replanting of new trees, initially for those who had trees removed (tier 1) will be happening within the next two weeks. The trees will be a combination of fruit, maple and some ‘evergreen’ trees. There will be the ongoing support and help with clean up for the Park and the maintenance of lots this summer as well. Parking issues were discussed, and are on the shoulders of the Management Committee who has discussed it thoroughly. The MHA Rules & Regulations allow for residents to be charged for parking more than two cars belonging to their household. Visitor spots will be identified also. Also, vehicles that are used for storage and parked will be addressed separately. There are over 100 open spaces that can be used for visitors or other. Resident on-site Park Manager will be marking residents’ two spots in from of their homes. There is a need for designation of individual spots. It was discussed that the MHA needs to give ample written notice to residents. A letter will be sent out giving residents 60 day notice regarding the ‘two car rule’ to give ample notice to all residents. Since the parking has now become an issue this is being implemented, as provided for in the MHA Rules & Regulations. The VP motioned that the fine be only $20, the President seconded with the Management Committee Chair and Secretary in agreement.

The future of the north side infrastructure, according to the Master Land Lease, and input from our MHA attorney, was discussed further to determine options and responsibilities with respect to Thistle and putting the funding into place. The Management Committee Chair suggested we first negotiate how this is going to work, with whom, and what steps are next for this year. The President suggested the Board review the Master Land Lease and related documents including the MHA mortgage, and our attorney’s detailed input on, in a special meeting and identify our options. It was decided that the MHA request a copy of our Agreement with Thistle regarding the infrastructure building budget. The Pres. and VP are going to schedule a meeting with Mary at Thistle within the next two weeks or so. Pres. and VP will come up with a list of questions for Mary at Thistle as a first step.

Miscellaneous Issues – There was also discussion of the posting of any and all comments on the website. The VP was confirmed as the manager of the website in previous minutes. There was discussion that content will be reviewed prior to posting. There is concern that the website is a community website for community issues and not a platform for individual postings of issues that appear as editorial opinions about the Board in particular. It was determined that these kinds of postings are not in the best interest of the Park. As an overview, the MHA website is a public website whose purpose is to objectively inform residents, webpage viewers, banks, lenders, future homeowners, etc. about happenings in the Park. The Pres. indicated that he supports the management of the website as outlined above. Discussions about where ‘opinions’, events, etc. will be posted is in process and to be continued. There is no insulation above the laundry room. We will be looking into insulating the laundry room and determining costs. The VP noted the importance of bringing these kinds of issues to the Board prior to it being costed and completed. There was discussion about the “allowance for critical financial situations” for residents as noted in the MHA Bylaws. This will be further investigated and discussed. The Secretary noted that as a follow-up to the last board minutes, there are still issues to be discussed and finalized regarding the insurance we are required to provide for Thistle. The VP noted that we need the information for the “Go Daddy” account from the resident that originally set that up. The VP will discuss that with the resident; and the Pres. will request the “Indra” information for the VP and management of the website.

Again, a current email list is being compiled for the purpose of residents being able to receive the revived “Mobile-izer”. Please forward your current email to if you think you are not on the list or have an updated email and would like to receive the “Mobile-izer” via email.

The President suggested a Board drop-box, in the program “Drop Box” for all Board related documents, which allows all board members with access to pull up and utilize documents as needed instead of transferring from different email accounts.

The Quarterly meeting scheduled for May 27 will be tentatively rescheduled for May 20, 2012. Kurt noted that Unity Church needs flexibility from us for scheduling our meetings there since there is a high demand for space there. There are three (3) Board positions that will be open this spring 2012; VP, Treasurer, and Mgmt. Committee Chair.

The VP motioned the meeting be adjourned, President seconded, all were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 9:32pm.