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January 2, 2010 Special BOD minutes

MHA special BOD meeting, January 2, 2010 Special meeting called by the Vice President. Location: Kurt Bischoff’s home. Present: Lilly Wallace, President; Kurt Bischoff, Vice President; Deb Feustel, Treasurer; Paul Keaton, Secretary; Mark Reeder, Management Committee Chair; Jane Seaton, Site Committee Chair. The Vice President chaired the meeting, the Secretary took the minutes. Agenda: Discussion […]

September 2009 BOD minutes

MHA monthly Board meeting:  September 28, 2009 Location:  Hast & Co. Present:  Clare Gleason, Hast & Co.;  Jane Seaton, Site Committee Chair;  Robert Power, Management Committee Chair, Paul Keaton, Secretary. The Site Committee chair was acting chair for this meeting, the Secretary took the minutes. Agenda: Call to Order Re August 4 and 8/31 Board […]