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November 2012 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

MHA Quarterly Meeting Minutes  November 18, 2012 Unity Church, Boulder, CO   Meeting called to order at 5:04pm. Board members present are Kurt Bischoff/Pres., Maggie Barber/VP, Harry Evenstad/Treasurer and Curtine Metcalf/Secretary as well as about 15-20 residents. President’s Report – Kurt/Pres. informed that our finalized annual budget is under review – with the hope that […]

December BOD & Mgmt Cmte Minutes

DECEMBER 2012/BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES NOTICE   Neither the Mapleton Homeowner Assn BOD or Management Committee meet in December.  Therefore, there are no minutes to post for this month.

October 2012 Management Committee Meeting Minutes

Management Committee Mtg Notes – Mon, 10-15-12  Trees The Management Committee recommends that the MHA Board recognize that the trees are an asset of the Park and need to be managed, maintained and developed on an ongoing basis.  The MHA is to be the body which has overall responsibility for a comprehensive Tree Plan and […]

September 2012 Management Committee Meeting Minutes

Management Committee Meeting Notes – Sept 17, 2012 Discussion on Yard conditions throughout the Park – seems that yards are being neglected. Questions arise about what oversight is being done by the Property Manager and the Cte wants feedback. The Mgt Cte is aware that they may not have all the current information on this. […]

MHA Management Committee Meeting Minutes Monday Jan.21, 2013

MHA Management Committee Meeting Minutes Monday Jan.21, 2013 Meeting called to order at 6:45 Present:  Jo, Gene, Lilly, Chad and Isabel Chad came to the meeting – he is thinking of joining the committee. We would welcome him with open arms. We talked about how to handle the issue of visitors or guests. We all […]

September 24, 2012/MHA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

MHA BOD Meeting September 24, 2012, Unity Church, Boulder, CO The meeting was called to order at 6:44pm. Present were Kurt Bischoff/President, Maggie Barber/VP, Harry Evenstad/Treasurer, Isabel Sanchez/Management Committee Chair, Curtine Metcalf/Secretary, and Tom Shockcor/Management Company. Approval of last BOD meeting minutes of will be by email since they were taken by two people. New […]